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Friday, March 14, 2008

Lost and bones

I couldn't concentrate too much on Lost last night. Between the delivery of our bedroom furniture, transferring the clothes from the old drawers to the new, and J-man breaking his collar bone* it was kind of hard to sit down and watch tv.

But I did... I may have missed a thing or two but here are my thoughts...
  • Who the heck is the captain of the boat? I didn't catch his name... he was introduced about the same time Carl and J-man got home from the hospital.
  • And where do they keep getting these hot men from? That captain was something else... I want to be on THAT boat!!!
  • Was Jin's story a flashback and Sun's a flash forward? Jin said he had only been married two months and he was that angry, killer type dude...
  • The end!!! OMG!!! I was in tears!
  • What was Hurley doing in Korea (or wherever they are from)? Did he come JUST to say goodbye to Jin? Was this before he went to the wacky shack?
  • Does that mean Jin wasn't a part of O6? Is there someone else?
  • I think the doc that delivered the baby is from Dharma... he said something about the medicine causing birth defects. Could that be something she got on the island? Was he there to study the baby since it was conceived on the island?
  • What did they say about Ben and why they wanted him so bad? That part is really fuzzy.
  • Juliette pi$$ed me off! I was yelling "YOU BEEOTCH!" when she let the cat out of the bag.
  • Sun held it together a lot better than I would have. I wouldn't have stopped at the slap! Juliette would have been dealing with a whole heck of a lot more cuts and bruises.
  • Michael -- saw that one coming. BUT does he know who he is? He didn't look like he recognized Sayid and Des -- and yet they pretended they didn't recognize him either.
  • I can't stand Michael so I hope they don't keep him on for very long.
  • Jumping off the boat with chains wrapped around your body? What a way to go! Was she the same one that was reading the book upside down? I didn't catch any of that conversation.
  • Who blew their brains out in that one room? That was nasty!!!
Alright - that's it for now.

* Want me to tell you about J-man? Read on.

Bug had a make-up soccer game last night. As Carl and I watched the game, J-man was hanging out with a teammate (G) and another friend (Alex). I happened to look over at the boys just as G tackled J-man to the ground. I'm not talking a little shove either. J-man was pounded into the ground.

J-man got up with a grimace on his face and walked over to us. G was tagging along apologizing. J-man sat with us and was trying so hard not to cry. He just kept saying his shoulder hurt and he couldn't move his arm. Carl took him to the bathroom to look at it and couldn't find anything wrong. I kept asking him if he wanted us to take him to the hospital but he kept saying no. I gave him some Tylenol and told him to move his shoulder around -- thinking it was just a cramped muscle or something.

Finally, it got too chilly to sit on the sidelines so J-man and I went to sit in the car. Once there, he started crying and said "Please take me to the hospital. I can't take it anymore." We got Carl to the car, I took them home and they took off to the ER. I went back to the fields to watch the last of Bug's game and get her home.

Needless to say... his collar bone is broken. Carl said it looks like two parallel lines laying on top of one another. He is in a brace and can't move his arm for the next 7 days. To top it all off, it is his left side - and he is left handed! School work and homework are going to be a challenge.

Oh well. We'll get through this to. I can't believe how tough the kid is! I told him to remember how "easy" this was because he will probably have the same level of soreness after his surgery. He said "No problem."

Carl did tell me something funny J-man said... they were heading to the hospital and Carl said "I've always thought that if you couldn't move it that meant it was broken. So I don't think you've broken anything." J-mans response? "No offense, dad, but I want a doctor's opinion. Last time I checked you weren't a doctor!"

Touche, smartass.


Craig said...

Oh, poor J-man. I know it will take a while to heal, but I at least hope the pain goes away quickly. When I was a freshman in high school, I broke my left wrist (I am also left-handed), so I know what a pain it can be to have to learn to do everything with the other arm. Hope he's feeling better soon.

Yeah, Jin's was a flashback and Sun was forward. I realized something was up when the toy store clerk said something about the year of the dragon. That meant it had to be 2000 or 2012. So it was either a flashback or a super far in the future flash forward.

I think Hurley came to visit the new baby, but I'm not completely sure.

Jin must not have been part of the O6 (despite the spoilers that have been out since before the season started) because his tombstone said he died on September 22, 2004 which is the date of the crash. He must never even make it off the island, so they say he is one of the people who died in the crash. (This bothers me slightly with Sun's conception date being about a month and a half after the crash, but I guess they can just pretend she's early.)

I hope they do keep Michael around, but I'm a big sucker for redemption stories.

Yikes,I'm late for work. More later...

Valerie said...

Poor wishes on a speedy recovery.

Last night's ep was great, I need to blog about it...I'm glad that Craig reminded me that the day of the crash was Sep. 22, 04 cuz I didn't remember that.

Beth said...

Hug J-man for me! Poor kid.

Biddie said...

Poor J man. I can only imagine how much that hurts/sucks. If I broke my collar bone, I would stay in bed and cry for the 7 days.
OMG. I must have missed alot of last nights episode, too. I kind of want Micheal to stick around...
I wanted to cry when I saw that Jin dies..I really like him. As for Juliet??? Who is she to say anything after her little affair with the crazy lady's hubby??

Esther said...

Ok, I completely spaced out and missed the first 15 minutes, but I totally saw that coming with Michael. What I want to know is how it is decided that Sun leaves and Jin stays?
And what the hell does Mr. Whitmore need with the island?

Burfica said...

don't ya just love it when they turn into little smart asses??? Make a mom so proud. hehehehe

I love to come read your recap on lost, because we record it since we usually aren't able to watch it. So...I get your points, then look out for them when I watch it later, so I hope I can see what you were questioning. LOVE IT!!!!!

I hope J-man feels better real soon.

Craig said...

I just was seeing stuff on the news about storms and tornadoes in and around Atlanta. I hope that you and all your loved ones are ok and safe.

Marni said...

Thank you, Craig. We are fine. The storms passed over us and headed straight downtown. I acutally slept thru it!!! I'm watching the news now with my mouth open... I can't believe it!

whatevergirl said...

J-man has your sense of humor-HA! Poor guy!
I haven't watched the last LOST yet so I had to skip over your comments on that. I will come back and read them later.
I also slept thru the storms last night! G laughed when I said I was so tired they would've had to blown me right out of bed to wake me up!

GrizzBabe said...

Glad to see that J-Man's sense of humor wasn't broken too!

Glad you and the family survived the horrible storm.

katy said...

Hope J-man has a speedy recovery.
Had to record Lost whilst we were away not caught up on it yet

Canadian flake said...

holy cow...the poor guy...I had a friend break her collar bone in a car accident once...

she said it hurt as much as child you can tell J-man he now knows how that feels..lmao.