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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beauty and the beast

Working in downtown Atlanta has its advantages. I can walk to many yummy restaurants. My building is right behind one of the most beautiful theaters in the country so I can take in a Broadway show, concert, or comedic act any time I want. I can ride mass transit at a discounted rate and save money on gas and wear & tear on my car. I can go up to the 32nd floor of my building and see a breathtaking view of the city along with miles and miles of Georgia landscape -- from Kennesaw Mountain to Stone Mountain. It is beautiful.

But what I can't stand are the stupid people that DRIVE through downtown. Or at least the ones that don't pay attention to pedestrians. And especially the one idiotic gray-haired gentleman in the dark blue Jeep Cherokee that DIDN'T stop at the stop sign and nearly mowed me down on my way to lunch yesterday.

Something in my head told me to not take that initial step across the street. And thank heavens I didn't!

But you know what REALLY pisses me off? I pointed to the stop sign as he flew passed me -- and he gave ME the finger!!!

I think I'll stay in my building today and not venture out...


Burfica said...

Maybe you should start carrying a big rock in your purse, and just throw it at the bastards. hehehehe It would be fun anyway.

Oh and please tell me the old gray haired man wasn't coffeypot?? hahahahaha Just kidding.

Juggling Freak said...

You should check this site out:

The Atlanta Roadway Digest (

I don't thinks it's updated anymore but it's still a fun read.

coffeypot said...

That is why I don't carry a Glock. Nine or so bullet holes in the jeep would do nothing to shrink is ego, just his sphincter. But I would be in jail.

whatevergirl said...

OMgosh! I have a similar story. I was sitting in carline at school to pick G up last week. I turned left and pulled in and you have to merge with the people turning right. The line wasn't moving, all was good. Then, this Ford Explorer races up and breaks in front of other people and his front bumper (or where his bumper used to be!) was facing my back bumper. He tooted his horn and I kinda shrugged my shoulders because there was no where for me to go. He wanted to go around me and park which is what some people do ,but there was a car pulling out of the school so there was no way for him to get in. THE NEXT THING I KNOW, HE HITS MY BACK bumper and goes flying around me. I caught up with him and pulled in front of him. I get out and notice he has no front bumper. AND HE HAS THE NERVE TO ASK ME WHY I COULDN'T JUST MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I said, "Miste--" "Don't Mister me!! MISter nothing!" What a freakin' jerk! It didn't do anything but scrape my bumper a little, but I didn't want to call the police because Mu hadn't had a nap or eaten lunch and G always has to use the bathroom when I pick her up. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??

Anonymous said...

Aw sheesh, Pug, THAT was you?? I had a lunch date with Ted T. and was late. OOps!!

Biddie said...

I hate that. I was once almost mowed down by a guy driving like an idiot in his bedroom slippers.
He damn near killed me, the kids,and our Poodle.
I kicked his car as he nicked me...He called the cops and the cops were going to take him in..Mind you, kicking a car may not be the way to go...

GrizzBabe said...

The very nerve!

Martha said...

I cannot stand rude drivers. And giving the finger is so asinine and juvenile. Nice example he's setting for anyone watching!