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Friday, January 04, 2008

Don't mess with my routine

I'm a little off today; I can't get in the groove.

It all started this morning as I was getting ready to get in the shower. Our bedroom and bathroom are over the garage. The insulation isn't the greatest so those two rooms tend to be pretty cold in the winter. To help out, we bought a small heater for the bathroom so I could turn it on before I get in the shower. When I get out - the room is nice and toasty warm.

Until this morning.

I plugged in the heater and nothing happened. I thought to myself "oh well, time for a new one!" Even though we have only had it a couple of weeks, it was a cheap one from Wal-Mart... I thought it would last longer, but oh well.

I plugged in my straightening iron and hopped in the shower.

Carl woke up and came in the bathroom. I told him the heater had quit so he started messing with it -- to no avail. Duh.

After I got out, I did my makeup, got dressed and went to dry my hair. The hair dryer wasn't working - and my straightening iron was cold as ice.

It seems it wasn't the heater that was broken... both of the outlets in our bathroom have quit working!

This is where my routine was interrupted. Not only could I not dry my hair in the normal spot, I had to move everything into our bedroom. The outlet there is almost to short for me to look in the mirror so I had to dry most of my hair and straigten it by looking at my shadow on the wall! GAH!

Carl took the boys downstairs and suddenly the lights in our bedroom went off -- along with the hair dryer. I thought I had blown the fuse! Then I realized Carl was checking the fuses downstairs to see if he could get the bathroom outlets working again. After the hairdryer went off for the fourth time, I finally yelled at him to STOOOOOPPPPPP!!!!!! He sheepishly came back upstairs and apologized...

I finally finished getting ready and headed out the door.

I feel off kilter somehow. I hope he gets those outlets fixed.


Asthmagirl said...

That would throw off my groove big time! I hope the outlets get fixed soon. Drying your hair by shadow is way too primitive!

Special K said...

I hope he gets those fixed too!
Sorry to do this to you on a bad day, but I tagged ya.

Jen said...


Jim Latchford said...

How old is your house? If it indeed has a "fuse box" rather than a breaker panel, I'd get an electrician to check out the problem. Sounds like the electrical service to your bedroom and bathroom may be too undersized to carry the load. Don't want to sound like I'm interfering, just concerned. Guess it's my general contractor experience kicking in...

Canadian flake said...

I always hated days like that when I worked outside of the home...drove me nutso for the entire day...NOT that it is a far drive to "nutso" for me...lmao