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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Tres females

It's all Bug's fault.

We went to PetsMart for dog food and walked out with this...

The minute Bug saw her being put in the cage for adoption she was in love. I thought Bug was going to cry. After much arguing and yammering, I gave in. I mean, look at that face!

The lady that was working the adoption table told us when she found her she was a day away from being put down. The kitten had started sneezing at the humane society so they decided she was sick and didn't need to infect the other cats. Luckily, the lady rescued her and took her for an exam -- she is fine. Negative for all those nasty diseases. She's been fixed and is up-to-date on all her shots... we don't have to take her for any boosters until next year! Score!

Once the decision was made we went about getting everything this little kitty would need; litter box, litter, food, a poop scoop, bowls, collar, a carrier, etc. And guess what?! It is ALL in pink. You can see her pink carrier in the picture above. I think the cat would poop pink if Bug had her way.

On the way home we were trying to figure out a name. We ran the gamut but decided that she was some sort of princess. I mean, after all, there are only three girls (now) in our family; me, Bug and this one. And everything the cat has is princess pink, so what princess is she?

Because of her black hair we decided it was Princess Jasmine.

Once we got Jasmine home we discovered she is the epitome of a "scaredy cat"... she hides under everything. (As I type this she is behind the couch -- and we just chased her out from behind the hot water heater) I tried to tell her about the big, dumb boys that live here, but she didn't believe me until the goofballs came downstairs to meet her.

Here is Grimmy trying to make friends with her...

Yeah - not so much. She swiped at Dozer at one point and I thought he was going to have a heart attack. He just bowed down to her as she growled. Then she ran off and went into hiding.

If anyone has a scaredy cat, do you think she'll grow out of it? Will she get used to us and the dogs? She is only 12 weeks old, so I'm hoping we are introducing her to them at a good time. I'm hoping she'll be the cat Bug wants her to be...

I just want her to stop hiding.


Lisa said...

I've no idea if she'll stop hiding or not, but she sure is a cutie! Hope she adjusts to the new diggs soon!

CindyDianne said...

She will probably stop hiding eventually. Maybe you should let her get comfortable in, one room. Put everything she needs in, oh I don't know, Bug's room. Then y'all can go visit her. When she stops hiding in there, you can open her up to the rest of the house.

She'll be fine.

CindyDianne said...

oh, and she's tres cute!

Nadine said...

Give her time and a little space. She'll be fine. She's adorable. For a cat.

Asthmagirl said...

She is adorable! What a pretty face!
I'm sure she'll recover her kitty dignity. Our indoor cat loves to terrorize the Chihuahuas. Of course she is bigger than them!

To answer your question on my blog... Yes! It is the same Patrick Kearny and yes, he does rock!
Thanks for stopping by!

Biddie said...

I think that she will be fine given a littel time. She is cute. I don't even look at the animals for adoption anymore. Shawn wanted to get another puppy this year for Christmas! I was tempted, but NO.

ccw said...

She is beautiful!

Yes, she will stop hiding. Yes, the dogs will adjust to a cat in the house and she to the dogs.

Just give it some time. It will happen more quickly than you think.

Beth said...

Most cats tend to go into hiding when they move into a new place. It may take a day, maybe a week, but just let her be and come out on her own.

Burfica said...

give her time she will stop hiding. I've had cats all my life. Just don't molly coddle her, and she will come out and about.

Canadian flake said...

Awwww Jasmine is beautiful. My cat has always been a "scaredy cat" and she has never grown out of it. Hopefully Jasmine will adjust.