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Thursday, December 20, 2007

What a find!

Do you love Sesame Street? Or, I mean, DID you love Sesame Street?

Check out this page.

Sesame Street videos! OMG! I am in heaven.

I mean, I would be if I still liked Sesame Street.

  • C is for Cookie (Cookie Monster)
  • Doing the Pigeon (Bert)
  • The aliens and the phone (Classic and still hilarious)

If you have small kids this is a great place for them. If you are an adult and want to remember your childhood... well, this is a great place for you, too.

You can thank me later.



Canadian flake said...

lol cool site..when my kids were young it was Barney that saved their lives...and my sanity!!


whatevergirl said...

I STILL love Sesame Street!! Mu watches an old video from the 80s with Kermy on it. He is awesome but Grover is my favorite.

comebacknikki said...

Oooh! The Near and Far episode with Grover is on there - that was one of my favorites when I was a kid!

whatevergirl said...

It didn't have my favorite where Ernie or Bert (can't remember which one) actually puts his face together. I love the guy that wants to sell an "O".

CindyDianne said...

Eh. These days I can take or leave Sesame Street. Actually, come to think of it... leave is fine.