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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jumbled thoughts

I'm sitting here strumming my fingers on my desk trying to think of something to write about. Nothing is really coming to mind. Or maybe there is a lot going on -- I just can't pick out one thing.

Let me brainstorm for a minute and see if anything interesting pops up:
  • It is the kids last day of school. What am I going to do with them next week?
  • Why am I at work? Nothing - and I mean NOTHING - is going on. My projects are on hold until after the holidays. No one is here; it is like a tomb.
  • Well, there is one thing to do. My review. Think I can stretch that out over the next two days?
  • I'm ready for vacation next week. Even though we aren't travelling anywhere it will be nice to be off!!
  • My kids totally rock.
  • J-man is passing all of his classes, and if he works really hard he could end this year with ALL As and Bs!!! He only has ONE C right now. How flippen awesome is that?
  • I need to hire someone to clean my house. That is on my to-do list next year. Somehow, some way, I will find the extra cash to pay for that. I can't do it. I can't keep up with it along with working all day long and running around with the kiddos. We do the best we can, but it isn't good enough. I need help.
  • I thought I had all my wrapping done. Not so much. Found a couple of items that still need it; I may just buy a bag or two and shove 'em in that instead.
  • I do love wrapping presents though. It is fun to see the item disappear into the wrapping and then imagining the smile that will come on the recipient's face when it is open. Makes me happy.
  • My puppers are awesome. They have been real snuggle bugs lately. Dozer especially. He doesn't like the cold weather so when he comes in from being outside, he will lay on your lap and shiver just to get some extra attention. Pitiful.
  • We've been in counseling for about a month now, and Carl has really taken it to heart. I love him so much for that. I can see a change in him. I love how he loves us and is willing to listen and work to make our lives better. I married a great guy.
  • Is it Christmas yet?
  • I can't believe it is almost 2008! I wonder what next year holds for us?
  • My car still isn't acting right. I know we are going to wind up plunking down some money for a new one... I just hope it can hold out until after our trip.
  • Speaking of our trip... we have GOT to get our passports. That is what our Christmas money is going to buy this year. Exciting? I think it is.
  • Once we get the passports we can go anywhere in the world we want to go! That gives us so many options!
  • One thing I reeeaaalllyyy want to do is go back to Halifax and explore that town without a hurricane blowing through.
  • The kids have been trying to talk me into getting a kitten. I'm on the fence. It is hard enough keeping up with two dogs and two guinea pigs. We are such an animal loving family, but when is it too much. (I can see my mom cringing now, shaking her head, and saying "NO!!" HA!)
  • My Dunkin Donuts coffee is rockin' this morning!
  • Just when I thought my family situation was disfunctional -- bump it up against the Spears' fiasco and we are all doing JUST fine. Sheesh!!!!!

OK -- that's enough.

I think - no, I know - there are more things running around up there, but I don't want to keep on. I've held back on some things... really, I have!

Off to read blogs, play games on my cell phone, look at a few websites... basically try to look busy. I've got to make this day go faster!


whatevergirl said...

I love your new look!! Completely cool. I want my blog to look this good....but I am not that talented.
Hey, I feel your pain on working near the holidays. I have to work Christmas EVE DAY of all things! It will be a dead place (hopefully) so I will surf the web and try to catch up on neglected stuff...I have just read your posts for the past few days...Are you a Russell Crowe fan? You have to see A Good Year. AWESOME! He is so charming in it.

Burfica said...

We have three dogs, one cat, three gerbils, and two birds. If we had one more pet it would be to much. I'm teetering right on the line. lol

I've had jumbled thoughts lately too. To busy to keep one going for to long.

Canadian flake said...

this year is odd for is the first year in 21 years that I haven't worked retail. This is the first year since I was 16 that I have both christmas eve and boxing day off...

you would think it makes me happy...but actually it has made me feel like Scrooge...go figure!!!

Jim Latchford said...

As a facilitator for Dynamic Marriage classes... (, I can't tell you how pleased I am that you and Carl are in counseling together...and that your are bold enough and free enough to admit it openly. Good for you both!! Too often we married folks get in a rut and learn to accept it as the status quo. That need not be. We take our automobiles in your periodic checkups, and we have them repaired and "tuned up" when need be. Why shouldn't our marriages receive the same type of preventive maintenance that we devote to our cars? If our automobiles deserve to be kept in "tip-top" shape, why not devote the same devotion and attention to our marriages? What should be more important...our posessions or the one realtionship that is designed by God to last a life time? I'm so proud of you both. PLEASE persever in this endeavor. The dividends and blessings for doing so are immeasureable. I speak from experience as a very happy husband and as a trained marriage enrichment trainer. God bless you both...