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Sunday, November 11, 2007


There is a race that happens occasionaly around here. No, no... it's not Talledega. That one only happens twice a year. This one happens about once a week and it is WAY more fun than sitting in grandstands while the sun beams down on you. You don't go deaf either.

It's called Pugtona.

It's quick with only one or two laps. You have to be ready for it because one minute it is calm and then suddenly the engines are revved and the race begins.

Let's take a trip to the race. Ready?

Grimmy! Start your engines!

Now run as fast as you can around the back yard. Make sure to get those feet up under that fat belly to get as much speed as you can!

Are you tired already, buddy? But you only ran one lap!

What? You want to go inside now?

Ok... Ok...! I'll give you the checkered flag later.


coffeypot said...

Has he ever spun out and hit the wall? And what does Dozer do while this is going on?

Marni said...

No spinning thank heavens. And Dozer will join him sometimes, but he is mostly a spectator.

her indoors said...

LOL that second photo is just brilliant he looks like the hare at the greyhound track, sorry Pug dont mean to upset

Burfica said...

hehehehe he wanted a snacker for his great performance. lol

Lori said...

He He He, I LOVE the Pugtona!!

Heidi the Hick said...


Our dog was out in the yard "Helping" on the weekend. He's so funny. If I'd run straight at him he'd deke off to the side or sometimes right at me. I couldn't catch him!

Big dogs leave him in the dust on the straightaway but he can take him in the curves, man. He handles like he's on rails! He literally runs circles around the competition!

SkippyMom said...

Pugtona cracked me up! But that second pic? THAT was what did me in....he is so, so, so cute...[and your dad "has he ever spun out & hit the wall? giggle]

This is a million smiles today! Brillant, thanks

Canadian flake said...

lol wayyyyy too funny...thanks for the giggles.