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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I need earplugs

We got an email yesterday stating that there would be a fire alarm test at 6 this morning and to not be alarmed. (no pun intended) There would be no need to evacuate the building; they are just making sure the lights and sound are working properly.

I thought, "Cool. I get here at 6:30. It should be all over by then."

Boy, was I wrong.

It started at 6:38 a.m. and is STILL going strong. I may need to evacuate the building just to stop my head from ringing.


The noise finally stopped at 7:15!!!


Update on Grimmy: he's fine. He (meaning WE) slept through the night. The vet said he couldn't have anything to eat for 24 hours. So now he is moping around the house. You would think he hasn't eaten in WEEKS. He won't even look at me. Bless him.

Just imagine how happy he'll be when he gets his bland food that is made for puppers with digestive problems. I'm going to be his hero!!!!!!! NOT.


KLee said...

I feel your pain. At school, not only do we have the terribly loud fire alarm, they *added* these pulsating strobe lights to them! The strobes got stuck on one day, and it gave about half the staff headaches. We finally had to cover ours up with bulletin board paper because I was getting nauseous from the constant flashing strobe.

Hope it stopped soon! And hugs to your poor baby!

Biddie said...

Wait a minute - 6:30, in the MORNING?!
I hope that the puppers is doing better. If Porky couldn't eat for 24hrs, she would lick the floor, the couch, my bed...anything and everything until we fed her. Weirdo.

Marni said...

Klee: The strobes were going off, too. I had to laugh though. I went to the bathroom and got to pee while the lights were pulsing. I felt like I was back in college and at the bars! HA!

Biddie: Yes... in the morning. I'm a glutton for punishment. BUT I would rather avoid the traffic, so I leave the house early.

Coaster Punchman said...

Glad Grimmy is doing well.

Those alarms are SO annoying. In my office we have people making announcements over loud speakers about ten times in a row "we will be testing the fire alarms. This will be just a test. There will be no need to evacuate." They repeat that almost constantly for about 30 minutes until you're ready to evacuate just to get away from them!

her indoors said...

we have a fire alarm test every fri morning, just the alarm no lights, that must have been horrible for that length of time.
glad grimmy is improving, it is horrible when are babies are poorly hugs to him

Biddie said...

you have an award at my place :)

CindyDianne said...

Glad Grimmy is feeling better. I just hate it when one of the dogs (and well, if you push me, I'll admit to feeling the same about the kids) are sick!

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh my gosh, a Pug not allowed to eat!

He'll make up for it.