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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A couple of things

I've got somethings to say and I can't wait to get them all out. Instead of writing several posts, I think I'll just put them in bullet format. Ready?

  • Beauty and the Geek - 4 started last night. Can I tell you how much I LOVE this show?! I've mentioned it before. I think it is brilliant! This year there is a twist in the festivities. They have the normal geek/beauty couples (9 of them), but this year there is something new. They have added a geek GIRL and a beauty GUY as a couple. Interesting, no? I have to say though... the guy is a douchebag. I don't like him already.... But I LOVE Josh, Luke and John... they all have the biggest potential. As for the girls? Erin and Natalie are my favorites. I did like Rebecca but Ithink I saw her kissing the douchebag in a future episode... she lost points for that.

  • Somehow I got sucked in to being the team mom for Bug's soccer team. My friend and I were sitting on the side lines chatting (gossiping actually) when coach came up and asked if we could coordinate the snack schedule. We said "Sure!" and then suddenly I am worried about the Bye week and if we have all the players contact information, etc. Suddenly, I am the team mom. Great.

  • Survivor starts tomorrow night! OMG! I cannot wait! There is a contestant named... are you ready for this?.... Chicken. Yes, Chicken. HA!

  • I hate it when I get a pepper packet and it doesn't have any pepper in it! How does that happen?! And how often does it happen?! Don't they have machines that do this work? Does the company have quality control experts to make sure the packets all have pepper? If they do -- someone NEEDS to do a Six Sigma evaluation and get some issues worked out!

  • The Atlanta 2 Day Walk is next weekend. I'd like to say I'm ready for it, but... I haven't been training like I should. Mom is going to have to keep me motivated and moving. We'll do it - I have no doubt. It just won't be easy.

  • I need a vacation.

That is all -- for now.


Biddie said...

LOL. Is that ALL that you have on your mind?
I was thinking about you last night, cuz I was also thinking that Lost doesn't start again until Feb. FEBRUARY.
Talk about quality control. Who do we talk to about that? I can just imagine all of th ecrap tv that we will endure until our show comes back on.
What does being Team Mom entail? Do you have to bring the snacks every week, or just figure out who does?

Marni said...

Bid: I have to keep everyone informed of schedule changes, coordinate the snack schedule, and get pictures set up. Anything that the coaches need help with they will come to me. GAH!

Craig said...

I love that you suggest a 6 sigma eval for the pepper packets. The sad thing is I'm now running through the posibilities of whether it's really a common cause or special cause problem and if you would actually need a 6S black belt to solve this problem. Sadly, the number of people who can really relate to your statement is probably fairly limited.

I can only assume that the person's given name is not Chicken. If so, someone needs to have a talk with his (her?) parents. Granted, I can remember a place we used to go eat where one of the guys who worked there was named Porkchop, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't the name on his social security card either.

Marni said...

I'm not a black belt in 6 sigma but know a couple... just something I picked up from my old job.

No, his real name isn't Chicken - it is a nickname because he is a chicken farmer. His real name is Steve... but why did he put Chicken out there for his profile? Goofy.

coffeypot said...

I know what the 6 sigma is and how it works. We tried to use it when I worked. But best of all, I don't have to worry about stuff like that anymore. I don't have any goals to meet for SOMEONE else, I don't have a certain number of people I have to interface with each day and I can improve what I want to improve - not what someone else things I should improve. I love retirement.

Marni said...

I'm wondering how many hits I'm gonna get on my blog now that I've added the word "douchebag" and "kissing the douchebag" to my list of phrases... there are some sickos out there... you never know!

her indoors said...

you going to be busy, busy, busy!

CindyDianne said...

Come to my place for a completely frivolous bit of information!

Chris said...

I missed the last season of Beauty and the Geek, but caught it last night. I think it's better than most reality TV. At least it has a little heart to it.