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Friday, August 24, 2007


I got home from work tonight only to discover the air conditioner is dead.

We have the repair man working on it now.

Thank heavens for the pop-up thundershowers that are rolling in and the wind that goes with them. Although they sound REALLY scary, without them we would be completely miserable.



KLee said...

Eek! Sorry! You Atlanta people are having the DEVIL of a time with your A/Cs right now.

Nadine said...

Eee gads, it's miserably hot and humid here, so you must be in rough shape there.

ccw said...

It was above 100 the last three days so I would die without our a/c. I hope it is fixed soon!

coffeypot said...

To quote the world’s biggest asshole, "I feel your pain." I thought I was actually going to die. I was nauseated and had stopped sweating by the time our air was fixed. Thank God for Waffle House and their air-conditioning. I bet the kiddies didn’t even notice it. They love to be outside.

Beth said...

Mine died during the 100-degree week, so I don't feel sorry for you.