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Friday, August 24, 2007

A new habit

I read a lot. I've posted several times about how much I love books. I constantly have a book - or three - on the bedside table that I am trying to get through.

My commute is horrible. I've posted about that as well. When you are in the car for a minimum of 2.5 hours a day, the radio starts to get mundane. Even with XM, you tend to hear the same things over and over.

One day I stumbled upon an XM station - Sonic Theater - where they read books. Or poetry. It was wonderful! The only problem was that the book I was interested in was read at 4 pm every day. If I worked from home, or had a class, I would miss chunks of the book. Then they changed the format of the station -- mid-book -- and I don't like what they are presenting during the time slot.

I decided to start listening to books on CD. I went to the library and found two books that are in my "to read pile" at home and checked them out. Now I don't have to read the books; I've listened to them.

I had a two hour commute home the other day and it went by in a flash. I actually sat in the garage for about 10 minutes to finish an especially exciting chapter.

By the time I get home today I'll be finished with my latest book. I think I'll grab the kids and head to the library. I'll let you know what I'm listening to in my Currently section -- if you are interested.


Beth said...


Do you find you pay attention to the CD books? I'm always worried my mind will drift while driving.

Marni said...

I am actually VERY focused on the book while driving. I was almost in tears this morning during one certain scene... I have to be careful to pay attention to the road instead of imagining what is going on in the book!

CindyDianne said...

I've listened to a couple and found them pretty entertaining.

Hope you are doing well!

coffeypot said...

When Sweet Tea and I go on the road, the first place we stop is either the library or Cracker Barrel for an audio book. The length of the drive determines which book I get. Sometimes it takes two books. But the drive is so much more interesting and over before you know it. I seem to be less tired, too, which I find strange.

Nadine said...

My mom used to listen to them when she drove between her house and her fiance's. Now that she's moved permantently, I wonder if she ever finds the time.

I've never tried it. I'm afraid it would feel like cheating. Can I still put it on my "books I've read" list?

Marni said...

Nadine: I used to feel that way, too, but not any more. Yes, you can put them on your read list! Especially if you get the unabridged versions... trust me, after 5 CDs you will feel like you have read the entire book.

Marni said...

Wait - abridged versions are 4-6 CDs... unabridges are about 9-10!

KLee said...

Juggling Freak likes to listen to books on CD while he works out. He converts them to MP3 files, and puts them on his iPod. Then, he'll listen as he walks, or goes to the gym.

I prefer to read mine the old fashioned way. :)

Did you hear that there's a rumor that XM and Sirius might merge? I'm not all that hopeful because it will probably give them a monopoly, and therefore not be allowed, but that would be cool -- to get both sets of stations. I have Sirius, and you have XM, so we can never chat about which channel is better than the others. Interesting if it does happen.

Heidi the Hick said...

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory read by Eric Idle.

We had that on CD on our last Florider trip. Takes about three hours. It's wonderful!