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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Different perspective

Being a parent, there is one task that I have to do that grosses me out. I have to clip the kids' toenails.

I hate feet. I think they are they nastiest part of the human body. The only time I could stand (no pun intended) any kind of foot was when the kids were babies. Now THOSE feet were cute, clean, and pink. I could kiss them, smell them, and rub them on my face.

Not now. NO WAY. Now they walk on them. They put them in dirty shoes or walk around barefoot in the back yard where the dogs frolick. Gross.

They have a pre-teen funk on them that makes me cringe.

Last night I was working on J-man's talons. Yes, they were that long. (I'm tellin' ya... I won't touch them until it is absolutely necessary.)

So as I cut them, I was trying hard not to gag. I must have had a strange look on my face because J-man said, "What's wrong, Mom?"

M: "I can't stand doing this! Feet are just gross... and your toenails are freaking me out."

J: "I don't know why you freak out about toes. They are just foot fingers."

I had to stop what I was doing before I clipped his toe. That was so clever of him! Foot Fingers. I didn't feel so grossed out after that. I was able to do BOTH kids' feet.

I wonder why?


Drier said...

If you think of toes as foot fingers, then what kind of snack can be considered "foot finger food"? See how I'm trying to gross you back out?

Marni said...

And it is working... bleh.

Lisa said...

Oh lord, that makes it even worse for me. Foot fingers?!? Ewwww!!!

BTW, I hate feet too!

coffeypot said...

Why don't you let me trim them? I don't mind it because they are my grandkids foot fingers. I'll even show them how to do it themselves. Believe me, if I can change their guacamole looking diapers without upchucking, I can clip the foot fingers.

Ann said...

Seems like J-man is old enough to start cutting his own toenails. But in the meantime, do what I do, cut them right after a bath or shower. That way, the feet aren't too funky and the nails are softer. Plus, no toe jam.

KLee said...

I haven't had to clip Offspring's toenails in forever, and now you've made me eternally grateful that she said I clip them too close, and she learned to do her own years ago. :)

Melanie said...

I don't hate feet. they take us where we need to go, life without feet would SUCK!

foot fingers is a cool metaphor.

her indoors said...

i to hate feet and i cant stand anyone else to touch my feet, but hey if yuo want to cut mine i only have 8 toe nails! love the 'foot fingers'

Valerie said...

I'm with Lisa..."foot fingerS" grosses me out...and I wasn't grossed out about feet before.

You're lucky that coffeypot is offering to do the clipping for you...I'd take him up on it, ASAP.

Heidi the Hick said...

I dunno...that would have made it worse for me!

Teach them to do it themselves- then you only have to deal with dog feet!

(My son read Eldest and he really liked it. Lots of action and of course DRAGONS which are the coolest ever...)

ccw said...

While very creative, foot fingers makes me cringe. Feet gross me out so I was given children who cannot or will not take care of their toes.

Marni said...

I don't know why calling them foot fingers didn't bother me... just weird I guess.

I have tried to teach both kids how to cut their nails, but the mess they make is worse than me doing it for them. Gonna try, though. Getting J-man to do anything hygenic is like asking the dogs to give themselves a bath.

Heidi: Eldest rules! I like it so much better than Eragon for some reason. I can't believe the author is only 15!!!!!