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Friday, August 17, 2007

Hot Hot Hot

The heat is unbearable here in Atlanta. I don't know how many days straight the temp has reached triple digits.

And pugs can't take the heat. Dog's snouts are what helps keep them cool. For breeds with sweet little mooshed up faces, they cannot cool themselves off as readily as the other breeds. You really have to keep an eye on little guys.

Our bedroom is above our garage so the insulation isn't as abundant as the rest of the house. That means our room is H.O.T. for most of the day and into the night. Carl and I tend to start out sleeping with just a sheet, but by morning, we are back under a comfortor. When the AC finally catches up with the temp we tend to have a cool room.

The boys are crate trained. Their crates are in our room, and they sleep in them when Carl and I are in the bed. The boys aren't in there all the time; only at night or when we have to leave the house for an extended period of time. I would love to let them roam loose, but Grimmy tends to mark when he gets anxious and Carl can't stand the dogs on the bed when we sleep.

Last night, Dozer drove us crazy with his panting. I swear our neighbors could have heard it. I manuvered a fan to blow in their crates but that didn't help. I fussed at him to stop and so did Carl - like Dozer could just stop being hot. I finally got Carl to agree to let him on the bed hoping that three fans blowing on him would help.

No go.

Instead he sat between my legs, staring at me, and panted even louder.

I finally told Carl, "We have to move them, and downstairs is a lot cooler. Let's take their crates to the kitchen."

We did. At 12:45 in the morning. The boys hated it. We had to chase them around the living room and kitchen to put them in their crates. But we didn't hear anything out of them all night. I tossed and turned with worry that they thought they were in trouble. (I'm kind of crazy that way)

When Carl let them out this morning, he said Dozer headed straight to the stairs to come see me. My sweet boy. He wanted to see his mama before his morning constitution. Gotta love him!

I think we are going to have to keep them in the kitchen until this heat breaks. It's only fair to them. And me. I need my sleep!

The first picture is Grimmy trying to find some tasty people food on the kitchen table... brat. (sorry so blurry)

The second is Dozer in one of his favorite hiding spots... under the computer desk. And yes... he has the longest tongue in town!


Nadine said...

On one of the super hot days we had last month, I had to move my dogs' crates into the basement during the day. With no AC, the house was over 90 degrees. Your pugs are adorable.

jo(e) said...

I can't imagine that long of a hot spell. We only get a few days above 90, and even then, all I can do is lie on the floor and complain about the heat.

Marni said...

Nadine: Thank you!

Jo(e): it is completely miserable. I hate to say it, but we need a hurricane to cool it off a bit.

Craig said...

Oh the poor hot dogs. They are so cute.

her indoors said...

so glad we dont have that sort of heat, poor pugs and poor you as well, but they are cuter lol!

Heidi the Hick said...

We've had some wicked heat up here too this summer. It's been really nice for the last week or so, but it's been tough. We don't have AC in our house, but we have a nice finished basement which is cool in the heat.

Dobby's crate trained too. When it's hot, we put him in the downstairs bathroom where it's cool, and at night there's a ceiling fan over his kennel, in the dining room. I don't like sleeping with the dog on my bed! With him and the big man and the cat all snoring??!!

Anyways...we aren't taking him for long walks, and we always carry water for him. He's surviving. We are too...!

Heidi the Hick said...

ooh yeah- pugs are so funny with their long tongues! It's like a big dog tongue can't quite fit into a puggy snout!

KLee said...

Poor babies. I have taken to making sure our cat has extra water and lays out of the sun due to the extreme heat. Luckily, cats are not as susceptible to the heat as the dogs are. Heck, our "adopted" kitty outside likes to lie on the hot metal of the cars in direct sunlight. That's just wrong in so many ways...:)

ccw said...

We're burning here, too.

My kitties are all inside or outside in the shade.

The dogs are so cute!

chelene said...

When I come home my apartment is like a furnace. It's one of the reasons I could never have a pet while I lived here. I'd be worried sick all day.

Dozer is like the Gene Simmons of the dog world.

Biddie said...

My dogs drive me CRAZY at night. They sleep where they want to and of course, that means our bed.
Porky growls everytime I move and Ruby wants under the covers - no matter how hot the weather.
When we have Heidi's pug, we always worry that he is dying..The panting! Ruby chases him like mad and we worry that he will stroke. Also, Heidi doesn't really let him sleep UNDER the covers. We do.
Oops :)

Marni said...

Chelene: that's what I say, too!

Bid: Heidi's gonna get you!

coffeypot said...

We have a king size bed with king size dogs. With a 105 lb Great Perinese, a 75 lb Chocolate Lab, a 15 lb Terrier and a cat that thinks he’s a dog, along with two people who are king size, too, there isn’t much room left in the bed. I mean you have to get out of bed to fart. I’m talking crowded. But since we have cleaned up the house to sell it, the dogs are staying with Dr. Amber until we sell and get moved. Now the bed feels like I am laying on a golf course. Roomy! And Sweet Tea is way over yonder.

Beth said...

According to, we're headed for a nice and cool week of mid- to upper-90s highs. Sad when that sounds cool.

Lori said...

The boys are so cute! I can't imagine how hard it is to keep a pug cool in Georgia. I have a hard enough time keeping Sausage cool in CT during July and August. Hope things will cool off off soon so the puglets can get back to life in the boudoir.