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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Move it

I've decided I need to stay away from the grocery store. I went into another of those fine establishments today just to pick up a sack of salad (yes, I am lazy) and some salad dressing.

I got behind a rather large, red-necky woman with Bride of Frankenstein stripes in her hair. She had finished paying for her cart load of goodies that included ding dongs and hot dogs. I swear this cart was OVERFLOWING with junk.

She put her purse on her beefy shoulder and walked out of the store with the cart the bagger filled with her stuff... leaving behind her original cart in the check out lane. For me to move.

I stood there for a second or two and waited to see if she would do anything.

Nope. Walked right out.

I paid for my two items and headed to the parking lot where I saw her loading her haul into the back of a huge white truck -- that had the advertising for her business on the side.

Her catering business.

I hope she has more consideration for her clients. I doubt it though.


Drier said...

I would have called her out in the parking lot and told her she left one of her items in the cart. Just to see her walk all the way back in.

Valerie said...

I would have copied down the phone number and pretended I was a potential client with a BIG party coming up and I had LOTS of money to spend.

I'd just talk her ear off over the phone about all the Cristal, Caviar, Ding Dongs and Hot Dogs I'd want then laugh a big BWAAHAHAHAHA and hang up.

her indoors said...

er what are ding dongs please?
i would have parked my empty trolley in the way of her car LOL

Marni said...

Drier and Valerie: I need you guys with me when these incidents happen!

Indoors: Ding dongs are little chocolate cakes that have a cream filling and a chocolate icing. SO good and fattening!

Biddie said...

I woulda told her that she forgot her ding dongs..That woulda got her ass moving....

justacoolcat said...

What a jerk. You should have acted like the grocery store and called the catering business to complain.

ccw said...

You seem to e having a time at the store these days. Maybe you need a new store?

Ann said...

Yeah, I'd say stay away from grocery stores for a while. They seem to not agree with you lately. lol

But I think I totally would have called the catering company and wasted some of her "precious time" that she couldn't waste putting her cart where it belonged, and then hung up. Just dial *67 before dialing her number so your number doesn't come up on her caller ID.

Melanie said...

sighs... people. this is the second blog today I have come across peoples disrespect for another.


Lisa said...

LOL I just called out someone in the parking lot this afternoon for taking my parking space. Some people!

Beth said...


CindyDianne said...

I am always amazed at how people continue to believe that they are the only ones on the planet.