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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Great... just great

The AC is out in the building where I work. It isn't even 7 a.m. and it feels like an oven. It is supposed to reach 90+ today.

I have a meeting at 9:30 at another locaton... I may not come back.

Can you say "work from home?"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DJ Andi said...

I think you need to have Carl call and act like you need to get home to the kids after your meeting. If they are sick, you'll have to go back home but they won't be too sick-you'll still be able to work from home-YEAH RIGHT.

Feel for you.

Lisa said...

Hehe! I actually enjoyed going to work yesterday just because of the A/C. It topped 94 yesterday! Ugh!!

Beth said...

These are the days when you "suddenly remember that important doctor appointment."

coffeypot said...

Go to work and tough it out. I didn't raise a wimp. What about all the other people who are doing the right thing and staying at their stations. Or go down to the river park and set in the shade and work from there. Think cool, quiet and peaceful. Or work from home like most right-minded who have that capability would do. Or quit! Get a job at WalMart.

melanie said...

I can say, work from home. Dont computers seize above a certain temp anyway?

good luck stay cool. ;-)

Valerie said...

There's no way I would stay at work if the A/C went out. Definitely work from home and don't feel at all guilty about it.

her indoors said...

WORK FROM HOME See how easy that was now do it, hope you havent melted