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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I hate humidity

First we bitch about the heat. Then we bitch about the drought. Now it's raining - finally - and I want to bitch about something new.


I hate it! HATE. IT.

I don't like walking out the door and feeling like I've walked into a wall of wet heat. Yuck! My clothes get sticky, my arms feel all slimy. And let's not forget the hair!

I have naturally wavy hair. I work VERY hard every morning to make it straight - especially my bangs. I make sure they are completely dry. I check them several times before heading out to my car. But once I get in the car - which is in the garage - I can feel them starting to shrivel. By the time I get to QT for coffee, they are curled into some kind of tight, tube looking monstrosity sitting on my forhead. It feels weird.

No one else probably notices, but I do. Between the tube on my forehead and the frizz sprouting from the top of my cranium I think I look awful! Can't feel happy with yourself when your "best feature" is freaking out on ya!

Damn humidity.

Come on Fall.


Nadine said...

My hair is baby fine and beyond straight. Nothing affects in in any way. What I wouldn't give for a little wave...

Lisa said...

I feel your pain, Marni, and the humidity here is nothing like where you are. You could always take your hair stuff with you to work and fix your hair as soon as you get there. I see women in the restrooms all the time doing that out here.

Esther said...

I totally know what you mean. It's like soup outside in NY, and just completely nasty. Think of it this way - what would you look like if you had to walk to the subway and stand on the 100-degree platform instead of driving in a car?

KLee said...

I hate the humidity, too. It's worse, here on the coast (as you well know). I don't worry about my hair, though.

Hope that a cool front moves through soon.

CindyDianne said...

Personally, I think wavy, curly, completely out-of-control hair is the way to go! Bed head all day long!

Bubs said...

I love humidity. Because it makes me sweat, I always feel like I'm burning calories, and I especially like it because my bride and daughter's curly hair looks extra-curly in it.

jo(e) said...

I live in a humid climate too -- and we are having a heat wave right now.

On hot humid days, we all just lie on the floor and complain about the heat. It's hard to get anything done when you feel like you are underwater.

I do like the extra curls in my hair, though -- I always think that's the perk of humid weather.

lulu said...

My hair is pulled up into a ponytail from March thru October; I can't deal with hair driers and frizziness when it is so hot. And I guess now that I am moving to a sub tropical area it will ALWAYS be in a ponytail.

GrizzBabe said...

Humidity is why they invented banana clips.

DJ Andi said...

Well the humidity doesn't bother my hair (as it is baby fine but thick) but it sure does tire you out. You feel like you are in a permanent sauna. As for the hair though, I think we all wish we had hair we don't have whether it's color or curl/wave/straight.

Considering it's July and we have not hit 100 (well not exactly), I think we're doing pretty good. However, I'm with you sister-can't wait for Fall. It's my favorite-except the leaves I have to get up.