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Friday, July 13, 2007

Get a (dressing) room!

Because of deadlines and meetings, I wound up staying at work yesterday. BUT to escape the heat, I went to the mall with my friend Mandy. She is five months pregnant and was in desperate need of some comfortable shoes.

We went to several shoe stores with no luck so we decided to venture into Macy's.

Macy's used to be the best store in town, right? Not so much any more. The service at this particular store was atrocious. Mandy found a couple of shoes she wanted to try on and it took her over 10 minutes just to get someone to look at her. (We would have left, but she had been looking for a particular style shoe and this was the only place we had found it.)

While waiting for the shoe guy to return with her choices we noticed a couple of ladies trying on some shoes, too. They were hard to miss because they were loud and boisterous... just having a good time.

Mandy mentioned something about one of them having the tag hanging out of her dress. I turned to look. She had a shirt on and a dress over it... she had obviously just bought the garment and was trying on shoes to see if they matched. I didn't think anything else of it and turned back to Mandy.

A few seconds later Mandy got a confused look on her face. She said, "Didn't she just have a dress on?" I turned back around, and sure enough, the lady had taken off the dress and was now in the same shirt but sporting a pair of black slacks.

In the middle of the shoe department this lady had put the dress on, REMOVED her pants, and tried on the shoes. Once satisfied with how the dress and shoes looked, she sat back down (I am assuming), put BACK ON her pants, and then took off the dress.

She didn't buy the shoes.

I was -- um -- shocked. My mama didn't raise me to do stuff like that in public. I want some privacy when I take my pants off in a department store. Something called a dressing room is perfect!

Have you ever witnessed anything like that?

AND another thing...

You know the vendors that are set up in the middle of the mall? Do you feel like you are walking down the midway at the fair when you pass these guys?

It's all "Excuse me, do you let your nails grow our naturally?", "Would you like for me to straigten your hair?", "My purses are on sale today", "Do you have acne?"

Please, leave me alone! If I wanted to buy your crap I would stop and look!

I already have a hard time avoiding the "survey" dudes, and NOW I have to walk past these idjits hawking their merchandise! Geesh...


KLee said...

Have you ever seen "Mr. Bean"? There's a great episode with him changing into a Speedo-type swimsuit without taking off his clothes. This reminded me of that episode. I could totally picture this woman in the middle of a busy shoe section with multiple layers of clothes on, and all the assorted twitching that took place to remove one garment from under another. Thanks for making me smile. :)

PS -- I hate those cart people at the Mall, too. Luckily, ours are lazy as all get-out, and can't be arsed to get up off their butts to actually badger the potential customers like they should.

Nadine said...

We have a recent addition to the middle of the mall stalls and they are very aggressive. It's some lotion from Isreal, and they staff their booths with accented youths who seem intent upon engaging you in conversation. I say, "no thanks, I already have some." And then I practically run away.

Bubs said...

This must be part of a national trend. I'm noticing that the kiosk vendors around here (n/w suburban Chicago) have become more aggressive, pushing their Ronco-as-seen-on-TV type products.

Chaylene said...

The "lotion people" really freak me out too. Like I want some weirdo rubbing lotion on me in front of everyone. The least he could do is ask for my number first.

GrizzBabe said...

HA! I done my best to avoid eye contact with the survey guys. I did end up taking a survey once and I think they paid me.