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Saturday, July 07, 2007

7 hours and counting

Monday is Bug's birthday. We are having her party tonight... she has two other girls sleeping over. They have been here since 3 p.m., and I've heard nothing but giggling for the past 7 hours. Non-stop giggling. They are so cute.

I took them to the pool for an hour and ordered pizza for dinner.

We've also decorated cupcakes
Played a game of Sorry
Played twister (the girls -- not me -- I was the "caller")

Ate not only a few of those decorated cupcakes, but part of a cookie as well.

As of now they are on a sugar high... I'm waiting for the crash.

We did this for Bug last year, too. You can read how it all went down here and here and here. I've threatened Bug within an inch of her life to not do that to me again. One girl has to go to church in the morning and I don't want her to fall asleep during the service.

She's promised.

They are in Bug's room watching Hannah Montana. I'm giving them another hour and then it is light's out. I'm curious to see when they go to sleep.

Hell, I'm curious to see what time I get to go to sleep!


her indoors said...

Happy Birthday young lady. what you didn't play twister yourself! so did they have fun, well i guess that goes without saying really, but go on what time did they and you get to sleep ha ha

Anonymous said...

Well, how did it go? I hope it was better.

Now I have to do a post about some of my slumber party memories...

Marni said...

It went well. They were all asleep by 11. I was in bed around midnight but up at 7. Bug invited a couple of really sweet girls. We had a ball.