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Sunday, November 26, 2006

A message from Bug

Bug is reading the last post over my shoulder. She wants to say something so I am turning the blog over to her... take it away, Bug...

This is what I rote at my mee maw's house..... I want for Chrismas,I want an intindoe DS,and a puppy game to go whith it. A pony called butterscotch. But mom said Icould not but I did puppy face. But she does not no yet if she says no I will scream noooooo!

She really and truly just typed that... I only changed the color of the font so you could tell her's from mine (and of course she had to pick the color - purple). No editing was done... just pure Bug.

Let me explain "puppy face"... she gives us this pitiful, droopy eyed, bottom lip poked out expression that is too funny. She thinks it works on me... but it really only affects her dad. I think I'm going to get her a journal to start writing in. She has shown interest... this could be fun.

Oh yeah - and this "Butterscotch" pony she wants is a toy pony that stands about 3 feet tall. It moves its head when you say something and even neighs. I would get it for her but it is over $200! No way - not with her wanting an intendoe (correction... it is a Nintendo) and one of their expensive a$$ games!


GrizzBabe said...

You know the pouty lip thing can works on hubbies when big girls do it too!

KLee said...

Offspring saw that pony thing on a commercial the other day, and had to IMMEDIATELY update her Christmas list. Sorry to tell her that she won't be getting that one! :) Where would she even put that thing?!?

I'm sure you have a local game store, like Electronics Boutique or Game Stop -- you can often find those games much cheaper used. They come with a money-back guarantee. I bought Offspring a game that she wanted that was retailing at $30 in other stores at our local game store for $14 used. Not a bad savings, and it still had the plastic on it.

I'm also well versed in the puppy look. Offspring tries it with me, but she always ends up busting up laughing, so it never works out the way she wants it to. :)

Good luck on all the shopping! Can you come and do mine for me, too? :)

her indoors said...

i want one neigh i need one! ah only four weeks to christmas!

Life, or Something Like It said...

My girls want i pods, so I feel your pain when it comes to spending all of that $$$$. Honestly, tho, how can you resist that face?

Coffeypot said...

She's been here and dropping hints. "Paw Paw I would love to have a new poney called Butterscotch. It's only $199.95. That would be $200.00 with tax." Don't you just love those suttle hints? For $200 I could get her a real pony. Ya ready, Mouse?