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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Six months ago

We learned quite a lot on Heroes last night... if focused on several of the characters before they realized they had their powers.
  • We see that Hiro went back six months to save Charlie from her fate. He tries to prove to her he is from the future and winds up going back to Tokyo. How cool was it that he talked to himself on the phone?! How will he get back to "real" time?
  • Older brother Patrelli and his wife freak out when a car was bumping their car on the highway, he "flies" out of the seat, and his wife becomes paralyzed as a result of the accident. How freaky would it be to be scared and then shoot up out of your car? Now he has all this guilt about not helping his wife. I wonder if she remembers?
  • Nikki had a sister named Jessica who was killed by their dad. Where they twins? It never said... I didn't catch the dates on the tombstone... was she young? Now Jessica is Nikki's alter ego. Is she out to get revenge?
  • We saw Miss Mindreader for who she really is. She uses mind manipulation... interesting.
  • It was revealed that the cop can barely read and has dyslexia - hence the reason he can't pass the detective's test. Well, that was six months ago and prior to his "power" discovery. Remember when the show started? He HAD passed the test. My prediction is that he used his power during the third try at the test and aced it. Oooooh... I love it when I put the pieces together!!!
  • Claire's dad still freaks me out. What is he up to? That was a nasty cut on her hand and it truly surpised them when it healed. Did her mom ever notice? Does mom realize Claire has this power, or is she so involved with those silly dogs that she is oblivious?
  • And finally, Sylar. A watch maker? Who would have thought that?! What made this nerdy guy turn into the killer he is? Also, the professor mentions that he believes the soul is housed in the brain. That explains why Sylar cuts of the tops of their heads and removes the brain. YUCK! Is he trying to save their souls or use them for his benefit. Only time will tell.

This show is just fascinating! There were a couple of characters I didn't get to from last night's episode because I wanted to focus on what I thought was interesting. Last night was a great episode because it answered some questions and introduced us to some characters that explain "WHY"... maybe Lost could do something similar and make other folks happy. Me? I like this show and Lost just. the. way. they. are.


Erin said...

I never got into LOST, but I love! love! love! HEROS.

Last night's episode was sooooooo good!

Life, or Something Like It said...

The date on the tombstone was 1976-1987. I assumed that they were twins, but maybe they weren't.
I was wondering about the accident, too. If my Hubby flew out of his seat, I might remember. It was well before the impact....
This episode has given us lots to think about...
I thought that the cop got to take the detective's license as a verbal exam, and that was how he passed...
I missed the part about the soul being housed in the brain. You're right..That's why the geeky watch maker turned murderer is cutting off the top of the head. I wonder why he wants them, too?
I love this show. Can't wait to see what Claire's dad is up to.

ccw said...

I enjoyed this episode.

I assumed that the top of the head was cut off to get to the soul in the brain since it appears that Sylar then gets that person's abilities.

I am enjoying this show.

KLee said...

I had not watched "heroes" when it originally started, but there was a marathon on Sci-Fi the other day, and I totally got hooked on it. I haven't yet watched the episode you mentioned here, so I just sort of glossed over the comments, and I'll come back next week to join the discussion.

The same guy that created/writes "Crossing Jordan" also writes/created "Heroes" as well. Pretty cool!

DJ Andi said...

Love the show. I have missed a few but caught up on some of them on the SCI-FI channel. So Sylar is a freak huh? I didn't quite understand how he actually got someone's powers. Is it because he kills them,or what does he do with their brain - eat them, somehow consume them??? I hope we will figure it out. The end of the episode freaked me out though. And I'm not so sure if the Hatian is really a good guy. I think he could have saved the girl at the end if he was a good as he is supposed to be.

Claire's Dad is creepy. I'm not sure what he's up to. He kind of reminds me of Men In Black. Patrelli (older brother) is a complete ASS. I guess we'll see if he continues to be like that or if he changes. Enjoying the show and can't wait for more.

When does it start again? Do we have to wait until next year or was I dreaming and they start back up again in January.