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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bug and her hair

You all know what we are dealing with... bugs in Bug's hair. She truly fits her nickname, huh?


I told her - jokingly - that we were going to shave her head like her brother's.

She looked at me with those big ol' baby blues and said, "NOOOO! Don't shave my head! I don't want people to think I'm a cancer patient!"

Bless her heart... where did she get that from?


Claudia said...

it's amazing what kids pick up, isn't it?

her indoors said...

ah you rotter fancy saying you were going to shave her hair lol, bit like my sense of humour!

Anonymous said...


Beth said...

LOL! She's watching way too many after-school specials (or do they have those anymore?).

Coaster Punchman said...

That's hilarious. Yes, please, someone answer Beth's "after-school specials" question.

Anonymous said...

poor thing, hope she gets em' sorted soon. I remember getting em' as a kid and the stuff mi mum put on mi head absolutely stunk to high heaven does it still smell as bad today.

Marni said...

Beth and CP: I haven't seen an after school special in a long time, but we do watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition... maybe she picked it up there.

Jo: We are getting a handle on them - finally. And yes, the stuff I put on her hair smells terrible! It even makes the dogs sneeze and run from the room.