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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lost - my thoughts

I am watching the premier but cannot wait until the end of the show. I want to jot down my thoughts/observations while they are fresh...
  1. OMG! How cool was that opener! A whole city set in the depths of the jungle. They have CDs, electricity, water, etc. How did all of that get on the remote island?
  2. Actually seeing the plane break apart -- AFTER an earthquake type episode -- Could that have been Desmond not punching in the numbers?
  3. Reading Stephen King in the book club - way cool - but couldn't tell which one. The jacket looked like a blue background with his name in gold. I don't have any SK hardbacks to see if any matched. Doesn't surprise me that it was SK... seems to match the story.
  4. Henry Gale is the boss and he is just so awesome. Who were all those other folks - especially the old lady. She seems to be a mother figure of some sort.
  5. This new chick - Juliette - mentions "free will"... hmmm... future issues? And just who in the hell is she? Where did she get the stun gun and why do they need them?
  6. I wonder why Jack, Sawyer, and Kate were taken to different types of cells? Jack in a dark, dirty dungeon (or, as we found out later, a dolphin tank. AND did you notice he asked about a shark?); Sawyer in a "dancing chicken" set up (they mentioned the "bears" figuring out the system -- polar bears maybe?); Kate gets a shower and a new dress.
  7. What is going to happen over the next two weeks? Why are things going to be unpleasant? Testing of some sort? Torture? (BTW how beautiful was that BEACH!?! I want to go to Hawaii!) What does Henry have planned?
  8. Where did Carl come from? He is the prisoner with Sawyer. He doesn't seem to be an Other. Could he have been with the French lady's crew? Another "accident"? Guess that is another future story line. Where did he go after he was captured?
  9. So the map was right -- there is a hatch under water. Hydra, huh?
  10. How did Juliette get a dry file folder in the "tank" after the incident? How do they know all that crap about Jack?!!! Do they know everything about everyone?
  11. I thought we were going to see Hurley tonight. I'm curious to see what he has to say. Maybe it will show him in the previews for next week. - well, nope. Sayid, Jin, and the others are attempting a rescue. Cool!
  12. What on earth did they do to Kate? Why were her wrists so messed up?
  13. So Henry's name is really Ben... That triggers something, but I don't know what. Who has mentioned Ben before?

Pick one, two or all of the above and let's chat. Did I miss anything? Did you make any other connections?

I am so stoked that the show is back on. Make sure to visit Pop Candy on USA Today and read the comments there. I am always fascinated to see what other folks come up with. If I see anything interesting or noteworthy I will add it to my comments. Thursdays are a complete waste for me! Check back often!


Beth said...

So, Pug, did you enjoy the season premiere?

Ann said...

I missed some of the beginning so I'll have to watch it sometime in the next couple of days (probably more than once, lol) online to see all I missed. As usual, this episode brought up a whole bunch more for me to wonder about instead of answering anything but I'm still hooked. I'll check back in after I rewatch the whole thing.

Marni said...

Beth: Absolutely. I think the show is just brilliant

Ann: Get caught up and come back. I'm excited to see what everyone else thinks.

Craig said...

How creepy was Benry? He may have been creepy last season, but now we got to see him in his own element and realize that he is even more creepy and apparently sees everyone as simply ways to get to an end. He was more than willing to sacrifice Juliette to Jack or to the water.

So, what do they want with the three prisoners anyway?

I've been wondering the same things about Carl. He can't be one of the tail section people (but, speaking of, where are the kids?) because of how he asked about Sawyer's plane.

I wondered if the King book was The Stand because of the similarities the show shares with it (which have been acknowledged by the writers), but I couldn't tell.

Craig said...

BTW, Just found out about the book. According to Angel Cohn at TV Guide, they were reading Carrie.

Marni said...

I, too, wondered about the kids... also, they are all dressed so NICE. The Others are all in Rags... nevermind, just remembered the costumes. But why do they need the costumes?

I agree about Benry. He is creepy, but don't you LOVE his character?

Lovin it already and can't wait until next week.

Marni said...

Oh yeah - and I don't think Stephen King is "bathroom reading" at all! When I realized they were reading SK and he called it that I was kind of miffed!

Esther said...

I'm over here from Craig's blog. Another question I have is if they didn't push the button in the finale from last season, how come they're not having another earthquake now? And what happened to Alex - she was with them when they took Kate the first time?

Craig said...

Esther, They don't have more earthquakes even though they aren't pushing the button because they blew the whole thing up. I assume it had some sort of sever consequences, otherwise why wouldn't they do it years ago. I'm just not sure what. Maybe that was what droped nukes all over the place on Jericho.

I'd guess Alex is there with the Others somewhere. We saw Bea in the finale too, but not last night.

Chris said...

My only beef with this show is that information is doled out in such small amounts. Of course I'm torn because I also like the fact that it's not like most shows that treat their audience like it has the attention span of a three-year-old. I'm impatient for more answers, so they've got me hooked.

Marni said...

I'm sure we will see alot of Alex in future episodes. She has a major story...

I want more answers, too, but I love the pace of the show. They give you just enough to chew on and anticipate for the next season. If they gave more answers I don't know if I could keep up.

Invisible Lizard said...

I watched the first season on DVD, one episode after another, back to bad, over the course of about 5 days. That's the way to watch Lost. Last season was slow torture, and this episode reminded me of that. If I felt there was any way at all to avoid finding out what was happening accidentally, I'd stop watching now and just wait for Season 3 on DVD.

I have no patience.

Marni said...

Pop Candy has a list of the 12 most intriguing comments received... there are some angles I hadn't thought of... read 'em and let me know what you think.

Life, or Something Like It said...

I am so confused! I hate waiting a whole week to find out more!!
Yeah, who is Carl? He looked pretty young..
Where are Walt and Micheal?
Where is Hurley?
What's with locking Sawyer and Kate up in zoo cages????

Esther said...

I watched seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. Having to wait for new episodes is a BIG adjustment.

Chris said...

Invisible & Esther: That's how I watched 5 seasons of Sopranos. Lost is tailor-made for DVD watching so that everything that happens is fresh in your mind. I should go back and watch 'em again.

Marni said...

Me, too! We have season one but have never opened the package. I may have a Lost-A-Thon this weekend.

Craig said...

To those of you who watched previous Lost seasons on DVD, I can only say welcome to the world sitting around wondering, "Is it Wednesday yet? Why do I have to wait a week to find out more?"

And yet, idiot that I am, I have now started watching even more serial dramas.

Ann said...

OK, I rewatched it and OMG!!!! I can't believe I missed the beginning before. At first I thought the beginning was a flashback (not on the island). As usual I am blown away and totally hooked on another season of LOST. Is it Wednesday yet??