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Friday, October 06, 2006

Proud mama

Bug's soccer team won another game last night... they are 3-2-1. Compared to last year's team that is awesome!

We had the coach from hell last year. He would scream at the kids - literally scream. Some of them would break down in tears during the game. It was awful. We had a couple of kids quit after the second or third game. Bug just ignored him or looked at him like he had two heads.

Luckily he has been banned from coaching in our league - or any other league within our city. We are thankful for that.

This year though, her coach is wonderful. She is actually on a team. The kids all respect each other (for the most part) and will work together during the game. One kid, who you WILL see in the World Cup or Olympics someday, is wonderful on the field. He helps tell the kids where to play and does a great job in supporting his teammates -- all without trying to be the superstar. They pass the ball to one another and share in goals. It is a joy to watch them play.

Bug has improved dramatically. She will go up to a kid and kick the ball away from them. She will take the ball and kick it down the field. She still gets intimidated when an opposing team member runs straight at her and kicks it past her, but you would too after being hit in the face with a soccer ball -- three times. (Twice last season and once this year).

She's tough though. Before every game she builds herself up. She has her mantra that she repeats over and over. In a whisper, she says:

"You own that ball! That ball is yours!"


Old Lady said...

Cool mantra! I think they work.

DJ Andi said...

Well the comment has nothing to do with the posting. Just wanted to tell you that I just posted a blog. I may try to get with you next week to see if you can help me with my blog. I'd like to add some stuff like you have. Also, is there a way to correct a blog if you find a mistake on your typing? I was so excited to get it out there I did not proof read it. Probably not. I do enjoy reading your blogs. It cracks me up.

Beth said...
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Anonymous said...
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