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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dancing with the Stars - Ep. 4

It is Tuesday night and that means it is time for Dancing with the Stars commentary! YAY!

I am going to sit right here for the next hour and a half and give you my thoughts on this week's performances... just like the past three weeks. And you lucky readers can either follow along and try to capture the essence of the dances, or you can click over to your next blog. Tough decision? I thought so.

Last week we lost Harry... not a shocker. Who will be next? Hmmm...

The dances this week are the Waltz or Paso Doble (I'm glad they spelled it out for me).

The Paso Doble is a dance that brings the bullfight to life -- I bet Joey and Mario perform that one. Only so they can shake their tushies!

I know Jerry is going to do the waltz; that is one reason why he decided to do this show. He promised his daughter he would waltz at her wedding (excuse me while I go get a tissue).

Monique: Waltz - Graceful and beautiful. She looked lovely and this dance couldn't have been easy. I couldn't do splits in a dance -- much less do them while being pulled across a dance floor! (Yes I said splits) Even one of the judges said that was a little over the top - but her style made up for it.

Emmitt: Paso Doble - Loved it. Emmit had some 'tude man! Not a lot of teddy bear smiles tonight. I did get a little bit of a "Fiddler on the Roof" kind of vibe though - his arm movements and steps didn't feel bullfighter-ish in some spots. He is SO adorable and fun to watch. He takes it so seriously and I'm incredibly impressed!

Willa: Waltz - Beautiful! My gosh... I actually took my eyes off Max and watched her, too! That dance took my breath away - where did it come from? She should be safe this week -- and may actually now be a contender.

Sarah: Paso Doble - The PD to a Phantom of the Opera song? Strange combo, and I wasn't impressed. I didn't see any fire or passion. They scowled the whole time, which is part of the attitude of it, but Sarah just couldn't pull it off. Plus her dress looked awful! It was black with a white lacy kind of fringe - looked like redneck trailer trash meets goth. Strange...

Jerry: Waltz - That is what he came to do... and it was wonderful! The story leading up to the dance got me choked up. At the end he walked over to his daughter and hugged her. I have to admit it -- I teared up. It was one of the sweetest things I have seen in a long time. His daughter, Katie, will have a lovely dance with her father on her wedding day.

Vivica: Paso Doble - Her wig was lovely - all long and flowing. I couldn't really see her feet or legs because of her dress so I couldn't "see" the dance. I enjoyed it but it wasn't my favorite...

Joey: Waltz (surprise!) - Lovely, just lovely. I think they are back in the good graces of the judges. Joey has a lot of talent and this dance really shows it off. I. loved. it. But the lip-licking continues.

Mario: Paso Doble - He is so hot... I fell like a dirty old lady watching him dance. He has such a tight little body -- and can move it like crazy. This dance fit him to a T because he got to show his Latin roots. Loved it!

Now I can't decide who will win. I still think it is between Mario and Joey - but Willa may pose a threat if she keeps it up.

Until next week...


Beth said...

Who needs to watch "Dancing with the Stars" when Marni writes such an entertaining synopsis? I laughed out loud three times, girl.

Marni said...

Cool! Thanks. I was in a snarky kind of mood last night. said...

I was surprised by some, and really disappointed by others. You have a great blog. I will be back to visit. please visit mine as well.


Marni said...

Welcome, Jessica and thank you! Come back any time. I'll drop by soon!

Heidi the Hick said...

Damn! I have got to start watching this! They should have it on Monday instead. Ok, Marni, next Tuesday, leave a comment on my blog and remind me to watch it, please!!!

also when we're done watching the Office on DVD I'm going to borrow Lost and get caught up. We went without TV for a year, and now only get one I'm rather behind and I refuse to watch it until I get caught up.

Marni said...

Heidi: I'll remind you -- it is truly an entertaining show. Cheesy, yes, but fun.

As for Lost... if you can watch the next 6 episodes, you will then have until February to get caught up on it all... You'll be somewhat ahead of the curve if you start tonight... but GET caught up! :)