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Friday, August 11, 2006

Trapped with no way out

My kids love the Honeymooners (let's call them Mark and Chrissy) ... they are a young, hip couple with a cute chocolate lab named MJ. Mark is a big kid himself and will come outside to play with J-man; he actually got Jay-man to ride his bike up and down a dirt hill -- something we could NEVER get him to do.

Anyhoo... if we are ever missing a child (or two) we can usually walk to the end of the street and find them playing at the Honeymooner's home. They say they don't mind - thank heavens.

It seems the kids like to go down there when the Honeymooner's aren't aware, as well.

One evening Mark and Chrissy were watching TV and they kept hearing a noise. It was faint, but definitely sounded a little distressed. Mark jumped up and took off outside and down the deck stairs; Chrissy was confused and didn't know what to do. She walked out on the deck and saw Bug running around the side of their house while Mark laughed his butt off.

It seems the kids came down to visit MJ and Bug accidentally locked herself in his cage. She was trying so hard to get out of there, and the more she jiggled the handle to let herself out the harder it was to open. She was in a state of panic.

Where was her loving brother? He took off the minute he realized she was trapped!

When did I find out about this? About a month after it happened.... Bug still won't discuss it... J-man and Mark are still laughing.


Beth said...
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KLee said...

Ah, siblings. The constant torture. I remember it well.

I can't wait until years later when she finally tells you all about it! :)