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Friday, August 11, 2006

Just in time for Halloween

You can pre-order Stephen King's new novel on Amazon! It will be released on October 24.

OMG - OMG - OMG, I can't wait! But I have to... I will NOT pre-order. I will wait until it has been out at least a month before I get it... Oh, come on November...

From Booklist:
In the two years since her husband Scott's sudden death, professors and collectors mad to lay their hands on his unpublished manuscripts and letters, those of one of the most successful and lauded writers of his generation, have besieged Lisey (rhymes with CeeCee) Landon. The last of them, initially ingratiating, wound up threatening her. That decided her to prepare Scott's papers for donation to an appropriate archive. In the midst of doing that, she gets an answering machine message, then a telephone call and a written note, as well as a dead cat in the mailbox, from a grammatically challenged man who says he'll "hurt [her] places you didn't let the boys to touch at the junior high dances." Fortunately, she's been hearing Scott's voice lately, more than in recollection, and it leads her back to a place, another dimension, that he'd told her about but that she'd forgotten. The boy Scott and his long-dead brother went there to escape their sometimes psychopathic father; the grown-up Scott, to heal from many wounds, including those from a shooting that would have been fatal if Lisey hadn't intervened. It is paradisiacally beautiful but dangerous at night, when weird, savage creatures hunt in it. In this long, often long-feeling, utterly Stephen Kingish novel, Scott's strange and eventful past is thoroughly recovered, and Lisey's strength is revealed and confirmed, though not before the maniac does indeed hurt her. The book is also, perhaps, a parable about love and imagination that affirms love as the more salvific of the two. --Ray Olson Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

Here is Nicholas Sparks' review:

"Lisey's Story is a wondrous novel of marriage, a love story steeped in strength and tenderness, and cast with the most vivid, touching, and believable characters in recent literature. I came to adore Lisey Landon and her sisters, I ached for Scott and all he'd been through, and when I finally reached the bittersweet and heartfelt conclusion, my first thought was that I wanted to start over again from the beginning, for it felt as if I were saying good-bye to old friends.This is Stephen King at his finest and most generous, a dazzling novel that you'll thank yourself for reading long after the final page is turned."

A SK take on marriage and relationships -- this could be interesting! Who is with me on this one? Anyone? Hello?


Beth said...

Why are you going to wait? Enjoy building the anticipation?

Marni said...

Exactly - plus Amazon will have used ones on sale.

Invisible Lizard said...

I will, once again, be first in line to buy, but true to form, it'll be months sitting on the TBR pile.

ccw said...

I will not buy it immediately, but soon afterwards. I love. love, love Stephen King (with the exception of the Dark Tower series) and cannot wait to read this.

Marni said...

CCW: Isn't he the BEST! I'm with you on the Dark Tower stuff -- I think I read the first one and couldn't bring myself to read the rest.

CANNOT wait for this one!