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Monday, August 14, 2006

Circus life

Carl and I were driving around town this weekend running errands, listenting to music, and chatting, (The kids were with my dad - yay!) and a Journey song comes on the radio.

M: Oh, this is probably one of my favorite Journey songs (even though I can't remember the name of it right now).

C: I have always liked their song Circus

M: Circus? I don't remember a Journey song called Circus? How does it go?

C: You know -- doing something that sounds like singing/talking/humming -- "the circus life, under the big top"... it is about them being on tour and away from their families. It was a really popular song.

M: Carl, I swear they never had a song called Circus! I would remember something like that, and that just doesn't ring a bell... are you sure?

C: (getting REALLY agitated) YES, I'm sure.

M: I don' t know, honey. I just don't think there was...

C: Marni, there was a song called Circus. Trust me.

M: OK, OK... so they had a song called Circus (and I'm thinking - I'll be checking out my albums once we get home).

Fast forward to later on that evening. We met several friends to go see Talledega Nights (which is extremely funny - and another post). As we are watching the movie - low and behold - a Journey song comes on. Carl leans over to me so excited and exclaims:

C: HA! That's it! That's Circus!

M: No, Carl. That's Faithfully...

I think it pissed him off when I started laughing uncontrollably and he realized it wasn't because of the movie. :)


Old Lady said...

Have you shot up in the middle of the night remembering the name yet?

barista brat said...

haha, i love stories like that!

Beth said...

Have you been to Haahnster's place today?

And that was an everyday occurence in Beth-and-Danworld, seeing as how I waste most of my gray matter on music trivia.

Ann said...

Too funny!!!!!!! I love it.

KLee said...

My husband and I will do that -- go round and round about what the name of that song, or this singer was. And then, we sit blot upright in bed at 3:30 am, going "Lee Van Cleef!" or whatever. Makes me nutty.

I'm with you on the Journey love. Haanster does NOT agree with us, blast his infernal soul!

Marni said...

Old Lady: Happens all the time, but not in this instance

Brat: Aren't they a hoot?

Beth: I went there after I posted and was surprised to see he talked about the same group

Ann: Love it, too.

Klee: We are always fussing about songs -- laughing the entire time --- wink.

ccw said...