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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I knew there was reason for concern

As we worked on a puzzle last night, J-man informed us that he was offered crack. At school. At lunch. By an 8th grader (he thinks)! WTF!?! When he casually mentioned it I think I scared him by my reaction. I snapped "What did you just say" and he said "Nothing, I didn't say anything." I then told him I heard what he said but I couldn't believe my ears.

I tried to stay calm and get the facts out of him.

M: So what did you tell him?

J: I told him "No! I don't do that"

M: What did he say?

J: Just what you told me he would... "I'm a chicken. Other kids are doing it. He'll make fun of me." I told him to go ahead. I'm not going to do drugs.

M: You did the right thing! You are AWESOME! I am so proud of you for standing up to him and then telling us!

I just thank God that he came to us. I can't believe this happend on the THIRD day of school! Carl, of course, is going to the school resource officer (a family friend) to report it. We asked J-man if he could show us the kid and he said "Yeah. I remember him because I am going to stay away from him!"

Bless his heart... they have to grow up so fast now, don't they? I am still so proud of him! What a guy!


KLee said...

Yikes! Man -- I'm SO glad that he told you! That is so scary. I'm shaking just thinking about it! It makes all those fears about middle school stand right up, doesn't it?

He handled it very well. I'm proud of him, and I'm proud of the way that you, his parents, handled it as well.

Beth said...

I can't believe it; that's so scary. How a kid can be so bold and approach just anyone. But it's good to see that you raised him well and that he knew exactly what to say.

Marni said...

Klee: I'm glad he told us, too. I have been sick to my stomach since he told. I'm not as worried about how he would handle himself now.

Beth: Thanks! He's a good kid and I am so proud of him... now if we can get the trash out of that school.

Ann said...

That's great that he told you. Even more wonderful that you had prepared him for it and he knew how to handle it. You should definitely be proud of him and you deserve a big pat on the back too for the way you are raising him.
I've never been big on home schooling, but stories like that help me understand why some people choose to do it. Middle school is such a scary place. Between the drugs and kids that age (especially the girls for some reason) thinking that oral sex is no big deal, it's enough to drive a mom nuts.

Old Lady said...

I will echo everyone's sentiments.
Good work mom.

Marni said...

Ann: Thank you! I am terrified of having a drug-using kid. The thought of battling that kind of addiction just -- gosh -- wears me out. We have been talking to both kiddos forever about drugs. I hope it works later on. The pressure is obviously just starting.

barista brat said...

what a testament to you and your husband as parents.

how wonderful that he came to you. i'm glad he has a good head on his shoulders.