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Friday, July 28, 2006

Welcome to the neighborhood

I have to admit -- I love our neighborhood. More importantly, I love our street. When Carl and I picked our lot a little over a year ago, it was the only house being built. We were all alone for about 3 months and during that time I hoped and prayed that we would have good neighbors. We didn't want anyone that yelled if the kids ran across their yard or called the cops if we played music too loud (like THAT would do any good).

I am pleased to say that all of our neighbors ARE wonderful. They have been moving in slowly over the past year. We have an interesting mix of folks on our little cul-de-sac (or cole sack as Bug calls it). I'll be posting a couple of stories about them over the next couple of postings, so I want to introduce them all to you.

The neighbors on the right: This is a young married couple that have the 4 year old who attended Bug's birthday party -- Miss Sprinkles -- and her little, baby brother. They are so sweet - and COUNTRY! I love to hear these guys talk. They moved in about six months ago and we meet in the front yard about 3-4 nights a week just to watch the kids play and talk about our grass.

The neighbors to the left: This is a single mom with an adorable little girl. We don't see them very much - mom is a busy career woman so we see her nanny more often than not. SM almost burned her house down about a week after she moved in... but that is one of the posts I am going to do later so I'll stop there.

Next to SM is a single lady that has bought her first house. She was our first neighbor and we were thrilled when she moved in. She is sassy one and I love her laugh.

Next to Sassy lady are the Honeymooners. They just got married in November and are the cutest couple. She is the funniest thing (only 22) and is a little naive. She is the focus of another future post. Her hubby is a big ol' kid and our kids LOVE to play with him. If I am ever missing a child I just look down the street and, sure enough, they are playing with Mr. Honeymoon. They also have this big chocolate lab that is still in the puppy phase - a little bit goofy but SO cute.

Across the street from us is an elderly lady that recently moved from Florida. Her best friend also lives in the subdivision and they visit one another frequently. She is a sweet lady who still works as a waitress. When I roll out of bed on the weekends, she is already pressure washing her house, painting or planting something. She is one hard-working lady... I wish she would stop! She's making us all look bad.

There are two empty houses on our street. We met the owners of one - they are moving in next week. Found out the lady of the house works at the salon where I get my hair done! It's a small world. The other house is waiting on its owner to move in from New York; a daughter bought the house for her mom and they are having issues getting that house sold. She, too, is an older lady and will be living right next door to Miss Busy. They should get along just fine.

We still have two empty lots on the street and neither are under contract. We've been lucky so far and I am hoping whoever builds there will have a boy for J-man to befriend; he is the ONLY boy on the street (except for Miss Sprinkles' little brother) and is getting a little tired of playing with dolls.

Now you know my peeps. They are funny and I can't wait to share their stories with you.

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Beth said...

Hope you include some photos!