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Monday, July 31, 2006

Ummm... duh

I went to a couple of antique stores with my mom, step-dad, hubby, and kids on Saturday. We had gone to lunch and just wanted to take a quick peek at the stores in our little town.

These stores look so small from the outside, but once inside you are in a labrynith of wares that could take forever to look through. Every so often you would hear one of us say "Oh, wow! Look at this!" or "I had one of those a long time ago" or "Didn't so-and-so have this at one time or another?" We found a lot of interesting items; I purchased a very unusual perfume bottle while my step-dad bought a brass tub, a tack hammer, and a billy club... yes, a billy club. He gave that to my hubby!

As we walk through the stores Bug and J-man are fascinated in all the toys. There are the typical beanie babies and barbie dolls, but also typwriters, tea sets, high chairs... you know what I'm talking about -- antiques.

Bug points out an ancient typewriter and then a telephone and says "Mom, I am amazed! I keep finding all of the old stuff!"

Well, what can you say to that?


KLee said...

Well, he was in the right place for it!

Doesn't it make you feel as old as them thar hills to hear someone call an old rotary phone an "antique"? then, that makes ME an atnique, too! NO!

Andrew said...

A billy club? Sounds tailor made for the situation in the story called Big Bad Dad. (you'll see what I mean :o)

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Marni said...

I didn't think about using it that way, but, yeah, I can see it happening!