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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Star of the show

As I pulled into our neighborhood tonight I stopped to chat with one of our neighbors. She is a beautiful woman; about 5' 9", long dark hair, brown eyes, dark tan, athletic body... if she weren't so sweet I would probably hate her. She has two of the sweetest little girls, too. Her oldest is four and the youngest is about 13 months - beautiful babies. She is a stay at home mom. Her husband is the manager of a wonderful steak restaurant in town. So what could possibly be wrong with her?

She has a beard.

Yep - you read that right. A beard. I'm not talking light, downy peach fuzz. Nope. This chick has blondish hair growing from her face - I swear it is about an inch long! I love talking to her, but when I do, I keep staring at her beard! Remember the book I mentioned - Water for Elephants? She could be their star as the Bearded Lady! I'm NOT kidding. Bless her heart.

Can you approach a woman you barely know and politely tell her she needs to shave? Her face? Can you start a discussion about laser hair removal? Do you think she would get a hint? Is she even aware that she has a beard?

And you know what gets me? The men around here love her! Hell, maybe they think she is one of the guys - I don't know. She stays in her front yard with her girls and there is always a man talking to her; a neighbor, the builder, the ice-cream man. I know she and her husband are VERY stable, so there isn't any funny business going on... but do these guys not see the growth? Are they really just looking at her bod?

I know I'm being mean, and I apologize for that. I think I am going to go shave my legs now... I promise to stop being so catty --- tomorrow.


KLee said...

I would hard pressed not to stare, or say something. I wouldn't mean to offend, just be so naturally curious that I couldn't help but say something!

I have two places on my chin, where, for some unknown and odd reason, I have lone hairs sprouting. You can bet your sweet bippy that as soon as those suckers are long enough (and sometimes even BEFORE) out come the tweezers, and away got he nasty hairs.

Wish there was some advice that I could give you, but I got nuthin'.

Marni said...

I was thinking it may be a hormonal thing for her. Bless her heart -- I mean she is really beautiful; even with the beard...

Beth said...

Maybe she keeps the beard so that the women won't hate her for her beauty. That's why I keep my a** so big.

barista brat said...

you think she knows how hairy she looks when the light hits her just right?

i had a friend who had a very noticeble mustache, but the lighting in her bathroom was really bad, so when she washed her face and put her make-up on, she didn't realize how evident the hair was.

and beth, you crack me up!

haahnster said...

I am jealous. I cannot grow a beard. Try as I might, I get nothing but sporadic patches of hair--no thickness at all.

Marni said...

I hope she isn't in denial... I hope she sees it and wants to do something about it.

Coffeypot said...

I say don't worry about it. Who's perfect? She seems to have many other qualities that make you like her. So she has something a little different from other women. She is loved, she is accepted by her family. So why do you have to mention anything. If it bothers you that much - stay away from her. Don't stress yourself out over something you have no control over. When you talk to her, force yourself to look into her eyes. You might find out she's cross-eyed, too.

Old Lady said...

That hair thing is inescapable for some of us. Some of it is hormonal some genetics. She is rather lucky to be bonde though, I am a brunette and when I get $1000 extra dollars up I am having a laser treatment!!!! Talk about struggling to keep one's femininity when one gets older, whew!