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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'm a vegetarian

We were preparing dinner the other night and Bug asked what we were having.

M - Pork chops and a couple of veggies

B with a crinkled nose - I'll just have the veggies. I've decided I'm not going to eat meat any more.

M - Oh, so you are going to be a vegetarian?

B - Yep. I don't like meat. I only want vegetables from now on.

M - OK. You do know that means you can't have your daddy's world-famous chicken nuggets, right?

B - OH, MAN! Ok, OK... I only eat vegetables and chicken. That's it!

M - OK. No problem.

C - I thought you liked pork chops... why don't you want these?

B - I don't want to eat a little pig.

M - So you don't like bacon or sausage? You know you can't have those either if you are a vegetarian. A true vegetarian doesn't eat anything with a face...

B - OH, MAN!

Then Jarrett pipes up...

J-Man - You can be a vegetarian, Bug. I'm going to stay a meatatarian!

Needless to say, she ate only vegetables that night, but did take one bite of her brother's pork chop. She hasn't turned down hamburger or chicken since. I applaud her for trying something new. I hope it doesn't sound like we were trying to talk her out of it... I just know that kid and the vegetarian life is not for her! :)


Beth said...

Tell the J-man I'm staying meatatarian like him.

barista brat said...

i did the vegetarian thing once with my boyfriend. it was purely for athletic reasons, not for moral or immoral ones.

what did i learn those 30 days with no meat?

that i really, really, really love meat. nothing satisfies my hunger more than a rare steak and a good beer.

DJ Andi said...

I am such an animal lover, but I am a meat love too! I know that if it was up to me to prepare meat from the barn, I would be forced to be a vegetarian because I know I just couldn't do it.

It is funny though, I am sure many vegetarians start early like J because of the animal issue. I can understand. I don't think I ever put the two together when I was little or I might have changed my lifestyle too.