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Monday, July 17, 2006

I know, I know... I'm wierd

I love cooking shows! It drives my family crazy that I can sit in front of the ol' boob tube for hours and watch people cook! But when I get home from a crappy day at the office I don't want to watch people argue/fight with one another nor do I want to see the atrocities that are escalating all over the world. I want to see something beautiful being created from nothing. I want to see a bunch of nothing form and combine into a dish that looks SO darn mouth-watering good- even if I don't like some of the ingredients.

I watch the Food Network from 4:30 (or a little later) until 7:30 or so. Those shows include Everyday Italian, Barefoot Contessa (did you know Ina Garten worked in the White House for heavens sake?!), Semi Homemade (the kids call Sandra Lee the "drunkard" because she makes cocktails with EVERY meal), 30-Minute Meals (love Rachael even though her little EVOO comments and yum-o gets on my nerves), and then Good Eats.

Let's stop there -- Good Eats -- Alton Brown... I love him. I think I really love him. It has to be the smarts in him that I like so much. He makes science interesting. He lives somewhere in Marietta, GA. He's a family man. He goes to a friend's church. I can't wait to see Feasting on Asphalt so I can see him ride a motorcycle. Do I sound like a stalker yet? I just can't help but think he is witty, charming, smart, and not too bad on the eyes.

Then one last person from the Food Network that I love... Paula Deen. She is the epitome of a true Southern woman. She is hilarious, loves her family, and can cook some down-home, slap-your-mama, good, country cookin'! I love her SO much.

I have tried several of the recipes on many of these shows and have only been disappointed once or twice. It may seem like a frivilous and silly way to pass the time. I can tell you though, since I have started watching these shows, we cook at home more, the kids eat more vegetables, and we sit at the dining room table together instead of the living room. I think it has brought our family a little closer. I don't think that is a bad thing!

Now I gotta run. Time for my next geeky, guilty pleasure -- The Antiques Roadshow! (Another post all together, huh?)


Beth said...

Alton Brown goes to our church ...

Marni said...

Can I just come stare at him? How is his shoulder?

monicker said...

I am in love with Alton. I could just strangle Rachel Ray, and if she gets another show, I just might.

KLee said...

Marni -- drop me a line at my email, I've got something to tell you (in relation to this post.)

Marni said...

monicker: isn't he just a doll? I heard RR is getting her own talk show. I don't think I could sit through that!

klee: I'll email you tonight

Craig said...

(I wrote this comment once, and then accidentally closed the window when I was meaning to close a different one.)

I'm commenting almost a year late on this post, but that's what you get for posting a link to it recently.

I wish Alton Brown went to my church. He's my hero. I love that he isn't afraid to get into science while talking about cooking, and I love that he has tons of pop culture references in his shows. Unfortunately, Melissa occassionally tells me that she doesn't want to watch Good Eats, because it's bad enough having to live with one version of me all the time; she doesn't need another one on TV.

Paula Deen is so wonderful. She reminds me so much of my own mother. We may be from Alabama rather than Georgia, but they are so alike that it is ridiculous...even down to making comments to her kids about needing a granchild.