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Monday, July 17, 2006

Courtesy - a vent

I've been thinking about courtesy lately. Why? Because I haven't seen it very much lately. Remember the weeks after 9/11 when everyone was friendly, courteous and treated one another like we were all humans? What happened to that? Is life THAT BAD that we have to resort to being selfish, hateful, and just down right mean? I've had a couple of instances the past few days that have made me question just what people are thinking. They were not mean people; I just wonder what their mama would do if she saw them acting the way they do.

Driving courtesy: Wave. It doesn't have to be a "oh my god you are the greatest for letting me in your lane" kind of wave. A simple lift of the hand would suffice. And it would be a double blessing if you used a blinker! I will not -- I repeat will not -- let you in front of me if you do not have your blinker on (unless you are going to be a real ass and force the issue - then MY courtesy takes over). It isn't so much to ask. A little acknowledgement please.

Please stop riding my butt on the highway. If you want to see what radio station I am listening to just ask. You don't have to look in my REAR window to see it. I ride on this highway every day and KNOW that people slam on their breaks. Lord knows my husband is chomping at the bit to get a new truck. You may just give him the ability to do so.

Also, don't pull out in front of me and go BELOW the speed limit. You are going to cause a wreck. A very bad wreck that will require an ambulance, fire trucks and several hours of bad traffic. Hang up the cell phone, put down the big mac, and press that little peddle on the right. It makes you go faster! It really works! Try it some time.

Elevator courtesy: Please let me off the elevator before you get on. I don't want to do the excuse me dance with you. I want to dance with my husband -- not you. And, have you ever heard the term "ladies first". I know that is probably a Southern thing, but it is still common courtesy to let the lady get on/off the elevator first. Geeesh...

And one other thing... I've been waiting for this elevator for, like, 10 minutes with about a dozen other folks. Just because you walk up as the doors open does NOT give you the right to beat us all in! You should be courteous and let the people that are ahead of you get on first. Wait your fricken turn!

OK - I'm done for now.

My hubby and I went to Six Flags yesterday. It was hot and crowded, but you know what? I met some of the most coureous and friendly people! They asked us to switch places with them so they could ride with their friends -- that meant we got to go on early. One couple even let us ahead of them in the drink line because they couldn't figure out what they wanted yet.

You know who the friendliest people were? The folks that looked like they didn't have a penny to their name. They were polite, sweet, funny, and would chat with you while waiting in line. The families/couples that looked more, ummm, affluent were rude, obnoxious and ugly. I try to be nice to everyone. We are all on this earth together. We need to be good to each other. We need to treat each other with respect and dignity no matter your earnings bracket, race, religion, or sexual preference. We are ALL humans.

I'm not perfect in any way. I have my non-courteous moments, but I would like to think those are few an far between.

I'll get off my soap box now.

Have a fabulous Monday!


KLee said...

I have often bemoaned the death od civility. People *are* getting ruder, and it's so sad. There's no real reason for it.

The thing that I'm hating more than the general snottiness is the people who are outright mean for no real reason. I was in the grocery store yesterday when the cashier caught an attitude with me. I didn't say anything, mostly because I knew if I did, there'd be hell to pay. She waited until I walked away after paying, but said loudly enough that I was sure to hear: "Fat bitch." I wanted to go postal, but I didn't want to give her the satisfaction, you know?

Marni said...

Makes my blood boil just thinking about it. Glad you didn't stoop to her level!

haahnster said...

Klee: Whoa, whoa, whoa...hit the brakes, and hold up. A cashier, on-duty in a grocery store, referred to you, a paying customer, as a "fat bitch"???!!?

I'm sorry, but that's termination time. If someone did that to my mother, wife, sister or daughter, I'd press the issue, no hesitation.

You really shouldn't have to put up with that crap at all.

Marni said...

Yeah, I failed to mention I would have marched straight to the manager and demanded something to happen to her.

KLee said...

It wasn't worth the fight. The thing is, had I bothered to complain, the sad fact is that nothing probably would have been done. The manager would have acted like he/she was all incensed, and would have given me lip service, but ultimately nothing would have been done to her.

No, I shouldn't have to put up with that crap -- no one should. But, is it worth being labeled as one of *those* kinds of customers? Sadly, because I *am* fat, I'm not taken seriously, and not just in grocery stores.

At any rate, she wasn't worth the effort. Her insult, while nasty, was just the spouting of a frustrated little worker bee. I really didn't want to give her pettiness a garden in which to flourish. So, I chose to be the bigger, literally and figuratively, of the two of us.

haahnster said...

I suppose it's the higher road to remain reticent, and pause to realize she was probably just a miserable little bug of a person. Still, I'm not sure I'd take the high road. You have my respect for doing so, though!

Marni said...

Mine, too. I have suffered that type of humiliation in the past and I applaud you for being so strong. :)

Beth said...

*stands and applauds the little cousin*

Beth said...

I'm with the Haahnster on this one, KLee. So what if you weigh more than she does? You're a paying customer. You don't DESERVE that kind of treatment ... and she doesn't DESERVE that kind of job. Where is she? I'll go kick her a** for you.

Dave said...

Odd, but living in the south as you do, I found it very suprising that, when I was in Cincinnati a couple of months ago, I found the folks there to be, as a whole, much more considerate than folks in the south! Go figure!

Marni said...

Dave: That doesn't surprise me. We have a lot of yankee transplants down here now and I, personally, think that is what is causing the Southern gentility to suffer. (don't really consider Ohio a yankee state.)

Dave said...

I was born in Ohio! Glad you don't think of it as a "Yankee" state! Of course I've lived down here since 1983...more than half of my short life!
I agree that the "southern" gentility is a little diluted, but my mother traveled through the south as a child (in the early 1950's) and her recollection is that most folks were not too friendly. Maybe because she was an outsider.

Marni said...

Yeah, we don't take kindly to outsiders in these parts... ooooh, that sounded so rednecky, didn't it?! Not like me at all!