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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The first album I ever bought

I am a metal head from way back. I love the crunchy sound and pulsing beat you hear from a rockin' metal band. In college I was a HUGE fan of the hair band. I wouldn't date a guy unless his hair was longer than mine -- and I wore mine past my shoulders. We called it "come here" hair 'cause you wrapped your fingers in his mane and told him to "come here". Ooooh - gives me chills just thinking about it!

When did this love of metal happen? It happened when I heard KISS for the first time. The song was, of course, Beth. I loved that song so much that I made my dad take me to K-mart and I bought Destroyer... my first album... and I have been hooked on this foursome (or whoever is a part of them) every since.

Oh, god, what is not to love!

I was 9 years old when this album was released - 1976. They were so cool, so mysterious, so damn hot even with the makeup. I LOVED Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. Remember when they all came out with individual albums? I have Peter's and Ace's.

I am a huge KISS fan to this day. I went and saw their "last" tour a couple of years ago and was not disappointed. They still rock! Watching Gene Simmons sing God of Thunder on stage was incredible. He is larger than life (like that tongue) and so. fricken. intimidating! LOVE him!

Unfortunately, I do not own this on CD yet. I still have the vinyl and will listen to it on occasion. It is on my "to buy" list. The songs are a mix of fantastic and cheesy:

  • Detroit Rock City - what an awesome song! The car crash at the end of the song scared me to bits back then, but, to me, it is the only way to end it. If I hear it on the radio and they don't play the crash I feel like I've been duped.
  • King of the Nightime World - "and your. my. midnight queen" - I used to wish he would sing that to me!
  • God of Thunder - a poster on Amazon describes this song and Gene Simmons to a "T". It says "I love this song. Gene Simmons was so f*cking cool when I was a kid. He was scary. He drooled blood. He breathed fire. Jesus, he was Satan incarnate, and that made him extremely cool! This song is the personification of The Demon. Awesome." Nuff said.
  • Great Expectations - I never really understood this song. It wasn't dark and brooding like the others. Oh well. I still loved it!
  • Flaming Youth - all about rebellion but still not crunchy
  • Sweet Pain - "You'll get your lovin' and a how and a how!" Gene singing about making love - have I mentioned that tongue?! "Sweet Pain - my love will drive you insane" indeed.
  • Shout it Out Loud - OK - what is not to love! This is a rockin song and one hell of an anthem. I still turn this one up and scream -- er -- sing it at the top of my lungs.
  • Beth - I so wished I was named Beth when this came out. The thought of having a handsome kitty cat singing to me was so... darn... inticing. I still love this song. It just doesn't ever sound bad. Great lyrics in which you can tell he is truly sorry for not being home. Sigh...
  • Do You Love Me - ummm... duh! Love Paul Stanley's voice in this song. I REALLY like watching him sing and dance to it on stage. He just oooozes sexy.

I have always loved KISS - masked or un-masked - and still get excited when I hear one of their tunes on the radio. I think I need to take a quick run to the music store and make some purchases. My ipod still has some space.


Dave said...

Ahhh Kiss...fond memories. I was 12 when they first hit. They really got me looking at metal. My favorite member of Kiss was Ace Frehley. Do you remember the Kiss movie? It was on TV! I can't recall if even had a plot, but they performed a lot of their stuff, including "Beth". Come to think of it, "Beth" was one of the first songs I learned on the guitar. (It was a good song, but honestly I learned it to impress a worked too!) Ah...the good old days!

KLee said...

You and my husband! His first album was also a KISS ablum -- Destroyer, too, I think. He also saw them in concert when he was about 7. He made his parents take him. He was always a huge fan. When he saw them many years later, he started chanting "Detroit Rock City" as the encore song. The chant got taken up by others, and play it they did. He's very proud of that fact.

It's amazing that he picked me to marry. I was (and still am)one of those Duran Duran girls... :)

Marni said...

Dave: I do remember that movie! I thought it was so cool how Ace could shoot ray beams out of his eyes!

KLee: Girl, we are so alike! I love my metal, but in high school Duran Duran and the Stray Cats were IT for me! I met Simon Lebon and John Taylor at Six Flags one year. They rode the carousel where I was working (lame I know). I can STILL show you what horses they rode! Such a geek!

Beth said...

My name is Beth. I hate "Beth," even if a big cat is singing it. Sorry; I was New Wave, not Heavy Metal.

Beth said...

But great post!

KLee said...

Marni, I was all OVER the Duran Duran back in the day. I had the room plastered with posters, and all the attendant merchandise -- the tour jacket, the buttons, and even the stupid school folders! I was sad with the Durannie love.

I wanted to see them on tour this past year for their newest album, Astronaut, but there a) wasn't a really close venue and b) a single ticket was about $100 bucks. Yeowch!

Oh, well.

jo(e) said...

I was in high school when KISS became famous .... I still remember what a big deal we made about those albums.

Coffeypot said...

As you know, we were at the lake this weekend and Jarrett kept saying he was a big KISS fan. He said you "turned him on to KISS." Hopefully he will grow out of this stage and return to Country. Even more proudly, he enjoyed a bluegrass concert at Red Top.

Marni said...

My son has ecelectic tasks, but God I hope he stays away from bluegrass!

Marni said...

Sorry for the misspell!