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Saturday, June 03, 2006

I wish I had more money

I have discovered shopping! I have always known what it was, but I didn't get to really enjoy it. Being a big girl (or morbidly obese as I was considered) I only had two options for clothing - Lane Bryant or the LB Catalog. Not alot of nice things to choose from!

But NOW!!! OMG - I can go into any store at the mall and try on clothes! It is wonderful! I still have the fat girl thoughts, but to pick up a size 12, put it on and look good -- what a feeling. I would love to be able to shop every day and buy shoes to match (which is a new experience in itself), but I can't. I have to budget and shop the cheap stores. That's OK though! At least I get new stuff every couple of months. Carl says he looks at me and sees money "flying out the window". Dare I ask what is wrong with that? :)

Some day I'll be able to shop to my heart's content. Right now, though, when I do get to go shopping it is a treat and I beam from seeing myself if trendy, beautiful clothes. Now if I could just get over the fear of showing skin! I think people see my arms and say "Ewwww!". Carl says that is not the case, but it takes a long time to get those negative thoughts out of your head. Oh well... one step at a time.


Paige said...

I'm so proud of're such a darling, sweet woman and such a hot mama. It's as much attitude about how you look and feel, so ease up on the negative and look at all you've done and how great you look...then head to the mall! Crap, I'll meet you there!

Beth said...

I got the cutest dress at Target last night for $21.99 - and got lots of compliments of it today. Popped into Ross the other night and bought a four-piece linen set (jacket, pants, skirt, tank), a white blouse AND a pair of shoes - for $130! It can be done, my cute cuz.

Marni said...

I LOVE Ross... went yesterday and bought two pair of shorts, a tank top and a shirt for Jarrett for $50... That is pretty much the only place I shop...

Old Navy, too. We got Jordan 2 outfits, Carl 2 shirts, and then 2 tank tops for me... all for around $90... great place to shop too.