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Friday, June 23, 2006

Allergies in Atlanta

I hate the spring and summer in Atlanta! My allergies kick in around April and I am miserable until September - if not beyond. Today my eyes are stinging and watering like crazy. Luckily I have already had the dreaded sinus infection; that was in May. My next scheduled infection should happen around mid-August. Should I go ahead and book the doctor's appointment?

Maybe I should just buy stock in a pharmaceutical company - heck, I already keep them in business! They need to give me something in return.

Oh well. Let me run to the restroom for the ump-teenth time this morning for more toilet paper. I had a box of kleenex on my desk last week, but my cube mates used them all for their allergies. I will be SO happy when it is fall again.


Beth said...

Do you take Zyrtec or any other wonder drug? I don't ... but I probably should.

Marni said...

With my particular stomach condition, I can't take a whole lot of meds. Claritin D is about all I can do. It works, but I think I would rather move somewhere without pollen...

Jondalen said...

I swear by Claritin - it doesn't fog up my head and it really prevents the worst symptoms. I recommend you get on it and stay on it for a few weeks. It saved me after my surgery!