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Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Mother's Day

I've had a pretty good day; haven't done much. Watched Breakfast at Tiffany's for the very first time -- it was pretty good. Just finished the book so, of course, I was comparing the two and the differences were obvious. Loved Audrey Hepburn, though. She is beautiful!

The kids came home from Dad's and immediately got rowdy. They are outside now -- I just hope they burn off all that energy! If I could bottle that stuff I would be rich! They are such good kids, but Lord how I miss the quiet times. I love it when they are home, but when they are away I feel like I am my old self. I love the peace and quiet! Don't get me wrong, I love their rowdiness, too. Kids are what keep you young... right?

Oh yeah! I watched Thumbsucker last night. Not really my kind of movie, but it was interesting. The poor kid in the movie just needed a crutch and when his thumb didn't work for him he moved on to other things. Very interesting path he takes, too. Keanu Reeves is in this one and he is a trip! I have always loved his voice and with this character I could just close my eyes and enjoy... one other surprise was Vince Vaughn... I love him and he is definitely a quirky character in this movie. I can't recommend this movie ONLY because I don't really watch independent films that much and can't give a good review of it. I was entertained but bored in some spots, too. Oh well... wish I could give you more! :)


Beth said...

Did the kids unwind? Did they do anything special for you?

Marni said...

Nope, nothing special. They just let me be Mom. They both fell asleep before 8 so maybe that was their present to me! HA!