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Friday, April 27, 2012


My sweet, beautiful, shy little girl is blossoming.

We took her to the high school last night for a tour and to look at all of the activities available to her. I didn't think she would want to participate in anything because she is EXTREMELY shy. I mean, this is the girl that has a hard time ordering for herself in a restaurant. Whenever we meet new people, she stands behind my left shoulder and peeks around. The girl is crazy shy until you get to know her.

She has been debating for months about whether or not to join the marching band. She thinks everyone will be staring at her and her alone. We have talked to her about it, and J-man has finally convinced her that band would be great for her. So that is the first thing she has agreed to.

Then we talked to clubs... and my baby joined THREE! She has decided to participate in French Club, Quiz Bowl, and DRAMA!!!

I have a feeling her high school experience is going to be totally different than J-man's. He has devoted all of his time to band. Bug, on the other hand, will use her experience to be a social butterfly. I hope these clubs bring her out of her shell and everyone can experience her like we do. Her funny, sweet, silly self.

I can't wait to see it.

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