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Monday, March 12, 2012

Well... it wasn't a walker after all

I didn't post about TWD last week because, well, it wasn't post worthy. I mean, yes, I got to see my Daryl and one of the cast members was killed in a gruesome manner, but that was about it.

Last night's though?


First off... how the heck did Carl get Daryl's gun out of the swamp? Did he get to run off, alone, AGAIN? Where are his parents? Why aren't Rick and Lori keeping an eye on the creepy kid?



I knew the dude was nutso. But I didn't think he would take his best friend on a fake hike to try and assassinate him! What story could he possibly create for the rest of the group to believe him? Lori's little "thank you" speech sent him over the edge.

I thought Shane's demise would come by an attack by a walker (a Karma thing). But not so! I am glad Rick did what he did. I know it broke his heart to kill his best friend. But it was a long time coming. Then to have him turn into a walker and have CARL kill him (btw - that was an awesome head shot for such a young kid)... this world they live in is cah-ray-zee.

The obvious question that needs to be answered is - how are they turning into walkers without being bitten or scratched? The security guards at the water works, Randall, and now Shane... is the "virus" mutating now? I guess the only reason Dale didn't turn into one was because Daryl shot him in the head. This new way to turn is a whole lotta wierd.

I am soooo sad that next week is the season finale. Looks like it is going to be a doozy. My prediction is Daryl jumps on his bike to lure the walkers away from the farm, but something goes wrong and Maggie gets killed. Not sure who else will make it out of this one... with the farm being overtaken by walkers it is gonna be scary.

Looking forward to it!

1 comment:

SkippyMom said...

As usual I bring nothing to the comments because I don't watch this show [I don't even know what show it is, but...] your recaps are worth the price of admission. This one is hysterical.

"btw - that was an awesome head shot for such a young kid". priceless.

Thanks for my Monday morning smile. Miss you!