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Monday, February 27, 2012

So good and yet a tiny disappointing

Finally a fight between Shane and Rick. It has been a long time a-comin'. Shane needed to realize that Lori and Carl belong to RICK. That the baby will be RICK's... not his. I hate it for Shane. He needs someone.... anyone... to take care of, but not his best friend's wife and kids.

I'm over Beth. If she is gonna kill herself, just do it all ready. Don't try and suck your sister into doing it with you... you'd prolly chicken out anyways and then blame everyone for Maggie going through with it. Not that I think Maggie would; she has Glenn to think about now. She sees some sort of future -but I think I see her demise before the end of the season.

Andrea truly hit Lori where it hurts. To paraphrase - "you have a man, a son, a baby on the way, and a BOYFRIEND." I nearly came off the couch when she said that. Brilliant. Even though I think Andrea is a whole lotta crazy, she has the eye. She calls it like she sees it, and that is truly needed in this world. Everyone else is losing loved ones yet Lori's family remains intact. So for her to tell others how to deal with their loss... hello? How can you? Good job, Andrea.

I read an article about the Walkers. It was an interview with Kirkman (the creator) and he says the Walkers are becoming more and more populated in the outskirts of town... they aren't centralized to big cities. That is good and bad... bad because we will see more of them and have to kill more... good because... well... for the same reasons. When Rick (and then Shane) cut themselves and smeared the blood to get the Walkers within knifing distance... BRILLIANT. And oh so gross. Lurv it.

So why am I disappointed?

I don't like how the writers are having the lil' women cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, etc. ... seems pretty insulting to me. The one woman that can kick ass - Andrea - is left back at camp and is told she is "getting a tan with a shotgun on her lap". Gee, Lori... what the hell are YOU doing to protect the camp? Keeping the men's libido up? Ugh. Let's see some strong freakin' women on this show... let's see them with guns and knives killing some walkers. Let the MEN do some damn cooking.

And just a small point about last night.

No Daryl Dixon.

Sorry. I must have me some - as Entertainment Weekly calls him - Daryl Motherf---ing Dixon. He is my fave on the show. I need his testosterone. Looks like I'll get a bunch of it next week.

I can't believe there are only three more shows this season. I must savor them all.

But I won't be happy if the ladies don't step up.

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