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Thursday, November 10, 2011

School experiment

Bug is learning about convection, radiation, and...ummm... a third type of heating. (I wasn't paying too close of attention... sorry... lol)

She was given an assignment to cook an item of food using these three elements. She decided to bake cookies. Yum! Carl took her to the store and they bought regular Nestle Chocolate Chip Cookies. We were looking forward to heating and eating, ya know!

Experiment One: Convection
She preheated the oven and cooked them according to package directions. They turned out lovely! See?! Nom nom.

Experiment Two: Stove Top
(aka: the heating type I can't remember)

We put these in a non-stick pan and heated them on low/medium. Once they began heating they kind of started to "melt". Remember, these are in premade globs that you put on a pan and heat. The bottoms began to burn so we had to flip them. The middle never seemed to firm up so they were gooey in the middle. J-man and Carl liked them but not as much as the ones made the correct way. They look ok I guess.

Experiment Three: Microwave

Bug put the cookies on a plate (that we THOUGHT was microwave safe) and punched in 6 minutes. I was distracted - damn book of face - and wasn't paying attention. All of a sudden Bug started yelling "SMOKE! SMOKE!"

I looked at her in the kitchen and realized there was smoke BILLOWING out of the microwave. It was incredible! The cookies had only been in there for less than TWO minutes and they were burning. Bug had her hands up to her face and was freaking out. She was saying "I don't know what to do ! What do I do?"

Trying to stay calm, I said... "ummmm... turn OFF the microwave? Open the door!"

I opened the door and smoke was pouring out of the microwave. It smelled SO bad and the house was full of smoke. We had to unplug the smoke detectors to stop their screaming and open all the windows to air out the house. (the cats loved that)

I had to call Carl to warn him about the incident. Bug was terrified that he was going to be mad at her. I assured her he wouldn't. It is called an experiment and we don't know how things will turn out... it is a part of learning.

Needless to say the cookies turned out BAD. They cooked to the plate AND the plate cracked all the way across. I would say that experiment failed.



jo(e) said...

That sounds like a pretty cool experiment. My kids did something similar with eggs once -- the egg actually exploded in the microwave.

Coffeypot said...

That is so funny...yet it sounds like my cooking all the time.

I have this US Navy coffee cup with gold insignia and lettering and when in the microwave, pretty blue and yellow sparks fly off of it...kinda like 4th of July.