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Monday, November 28, 2011

New Obsession

Anyone that knows me knows how obsessed I was with Lost. I watched it religiously, read all the blogs, posted snippets here... LOVED that show. I couldn't get enough of it, and since it ended I have been, well, lost. I couldn't find a new show that captured my attention and made me want to watch it over and over.

The search has ended... I have a new obsession. Like Lost, I came to the show late. We never watched the first season of this show, but there was a marathon on one afternoon. Carl and I decided to stop flipping channels and see what it was about. We started with episode two... and didn't stop until after the season 2 premier. All in one day.

We are hooked on The Walking Dead.

I know zombies (or walkers) freak folks out. I know it is gory. I know... I know.... but OMG. If you haven't watched it, go to Walmart and get the first season. Then watch the last seven episodes on You will NOT be disappointed. Grossed out... yes. Disappointed... NO.

It isn't just about zombies... it is about SURVIVING with people you don't know. It is about handling yourself when the world is coming apart and your reality is altered beyond imagination. I can't get enough.

And I have had so many dreams about killing walkers I think I'm ready for the apocolypse. LOL

I'm thinking about doing my running commentary again when the 2nd half of season two starts back in February. Heck, I may fill you in with some other posts just to get the thoughts outta my head.

Oh so good. Love love love it.

It is also filmed in and around Atlanta. BONUS! I think J-man and I might try to get cast as a walker sometime.

Have you seen it? What do you think?


SkippyMom said...

I'll take your word for it Marni. I have negative zero interest in zombies/walkers, so I won't be watching.

But if this it what it takes to get you to post once and a while I will happily read your updates of the show and love them - just as I loved your obsession with Lost. [Those were great btw!] I look forward to learning more about The Walking Dead.

Now, can I at least have a kid or a Dozer pic, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease? [Not begging - too much - over here. heehee]

Coffeypot said...

I came in late, too, but I love it. Sad about the little girl. But...

There is also a talke show either before or after it called Taking Dead and the go over the episodes.

Bella Michelle said...

Actually, I saw a bit of one episode the other night and although it isn't what I would normally watch I did kind of enjoy the whole survival aspect and having to make the hard decisions.