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Friday, October 07, 2011

There once was a couple...

Who had a favorite band... these boys right here...

They are a Canadian band called Theory of a Deadman. They rock... I mean, truly rock. However, if you don't like songs that involve cussing, drinking, sex, or cheating... they aren't for you. The couple of this story DO like those songs; especially when paired with a good drum beat, loud guitars and a FINE lead singer. OK... only one particular half of this couple enjoy that last bit. And she likes that alot.


The couple went to Chattanooga to see this group (and a couple others.. insignificant LOL). Prior to the concert, they went to a bar called The Honest Pint for a little pre-concert celebration. One discovered her new favorite beer.

It is made with RASPBERRIES and, OMG, is it yummmmmyyyyy!!! She must (and will) head to the local liquor store the next time she decides she wants something alcoholic to drink.

The other resorted to his old fave, Crown and Coke. Can you tell he is enjoying himself? And the party hadn't even started yet!

They traipsed to the auditorium for a night of great music. And I say traipsed because the pub was three blocks away - DOWNHILL. They had to walk back UP the hill in order to get to the concert. One half of the couple was not happy; she got hot. LOL

They rocked out to Pop Evil (the other opening band).... REALLY rocked out to Theory of a Deadman (the true reason they went)... and only stayed for four songs of 3 Doors Down. As one member of the couple said on FB, "We saw a great concert! Two awesome bands and they threw 3 Doors Down in for FREE!)

Once the couple decided to head out, they made a beeline back DOWN the hill to the pub. Once there, a few Crown and Cokes and, this time, Bloody Mary's were consumed. Once the drinks were flowing, they had an awesome time talking to the waiters, waitresses, and bartenders about tatoos.

Two decisions came out of the excursion as well... there may be a bulldog puppy in the family come Christmas, and both are going to get tatoos. NEVER make decisions when drinking... NEVER.

All in all, the couple had a great time. It was nice that they got to get out of town together and party like they did when they were 25. See how happy they look? Is that true happiness or alcohol? I think, maybe, a little of both.


Coffeypot said...

I had even more fun being with the kiddies. But glad you had a good time. I'm thinking about a tat, too.

SkippyMom said...

Pure happiness enhanced by a few drinks. And a puppy? YES! Tattoos? Not so much. [ouch!]

Glad you had a good time. The pic is adorable. You guys are so cute together.