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Monday, February 07, 2011

Not thinking things thru

So the day Grimmy passed away, Carl had to take him to the vet so they could do whatever they do.

He called to tell me it was done. He was choked up which made it even harder to hear. I tried to stay calm but wasn't being very successful.

At one point I asked "Did you get his collar and leash from the vet before you left?"

Carl sat there, quietly, for a second or two and then said, "Ummmm... why would I have taken him on a leash?"

It was the first time I laughed. Silly me.

On a side note: Saw this commercial during the superbowl... reminded me of Grimmy so much. He loved his people food!


SkippyMom said...

I have seen that commercial for a few weeks and I always thought of Grimmy. giggle

I hope that you are okay. I am thinking of you.

Life in the mom lane said...

You will have those moments from time to time the next few weeks... our dogs become so much a part of our families that their routines become ingrained within us. :) I am sure Grimmy LOVED that commercial!!!! Stay strong! *hugs*