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Friday, February 18, 2011


Carl likes to save his change. He started putting his extra coins in a jar about a year ago and is pretty adamant that we add ours as well.

For Christmas I got him a jar that totals the amounts as you put the coins in the top. So far he has saved almost $100!!! It adds up so fast.

Last night, he said "I've got something to ask you." Of course, I immediately thought "Uhoh."

It wasn't anything like that.

He said that he is friends with the next county over's police canine group, and they were having a fund raiser for "Pennies for Police Service Dogs". He wondered if I would mind if he donated some of his change to it.

I said "Of course I don't mind! What is it for? Police dog upkeep? Medical bills? Helping if they are hurt in the line of duty?"

He said, "No. It is to do research and cure canine cancer. I thought we could donate in honor of Grimmy."

How could I deny that?

Note: I tried googling the organization and think this may just be a local thing. If you are interested in helping out I can get more details.


SkippyMom said...

Sorry I missed this. What an awesome idea.

We save our change too - but it usually goes to the "omg we're poor this week" fund.

I am going to have to change that. [get it, change? heehee]

Biddie said...

What a wonderful way to pay tribute to Grimmy :)