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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big decision

It is time to let a little bit of my vanity shine through so please bear with me.

I've come to a huge decision. Hang on for this one folks.

I'm going to stop coloring my hair and let it go natural.


The thought scares me so bad. Not the idea of going gray (which I will). It is the thought of walking around looking like a red panda for the next year or so as it grows out!

Don't get me wrong -- red pandas are ah-dor-ah-bull (that is one in the picture), but the thought of having red, gray, brown, auburn, half-and-half, streaked head freaks me the heck out. I'll truly look like a redneck as it grows every so slowly.

Now that I have made the decision I am going to ask my stylist what he suggests. Maybe I just need to go blonde? EEEK!!!! That, my friends, is another thing that terrifies me. I do NOT look good as a blonde. And the shock of going from dark to light? I cannot fathom the comments, stares, and laughter that will come from my family and coworkers.


But I have to do it. I can't afford this upkeep any more. And there is a woman I work with that sports the cutest gray hair and she is so dang adorable. I think once I get all the color out, I could rock the gray.

But the path to that... I'm dreading it.


Life in the mom lane said...

Why don't you have it all colored gray? Then as it grows in in your natural gray you could add either highlights/low lights to help the transition process. My daughter is a hair dresser and I think this is something they can do....

Mira said...

^That's a good idea. I was just thinking you could use a temp dye while your hair grows out.

SkippyMom said...

Ponytails and baseball caps.

Worked for me. :) heehee

And what little hair I do have left in the front is grey. I like it.

CindyDianne said...

You are headed the opposite direction than me! I've (finally?) spotted some gray hairs and WILL NOT HAVE GRAY HAIR. See? The thing is, I've seen a redhead turn gray in a beautiful way. It.just.doesn't.seem.possible. Therefore, I shall not be gray.