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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Boy I miss you guys

I need to blog.

There is so much I want to get out there... and off my chest.

But by the time I stop working, I have been in front of a computer and typing for so long that the thought of typing more makes my head hurt.

For now, let me just throw some random thoughts down, and hopefully I'll post something soon.
  1. This new job is painful. It isn't that I don't know what I'm doing, I do. It is learning the new vernacular, acronymns, people, etc. that is daunting. PLUS, they are heaping more and more on my plate and I feel like I'm drowning.
  2. My boss tries to make me feel confident, but that damn inner-speak is dragging me down.
  3. I had a melt-down yesterday after a conference call. It was a bad one too. I've been waiting on it to happen. I do it within the first couple of weeks with any new job. SOOOO, I got it out and can now move forward.
  4. Grimmy is really, really sick. He has been very lethargic for a week or so. Carl took him to the vet and they said he has an enlarged heart and liver. We couldn't afford to do the bloodwork yet, but I get my first paycheck tomorrow. He is going BACK to the vet on Saturday to get to the bottom of it. My poor boy. He is pitiful.
  5. Kids have been out of school for almost a week because of the snow/ice. They need to go back. Or I need to get back in the office. I love them, but OMG, when they get cabin fever... craziness sets in.

That is all I can do for now. That catches you up a little.

Hugs all.


SkippyMom said...

I know how busy you are - so I tend to not worry since you have slowed down blogging this past year.

Don't make me come over there Missy! :D

I am so sorry to hear about Grimmy. I hope there is something they can do for him. Give him a smooch for me and I will be saying my prayers for you all.

Hugs and love my friend. [E mail or call if you need anything.]

Coffeypot said...

Should have let'em stay here. Sorry about Grimmie.