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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The tale of the halloween decorations

Once upon a time, there were two sweet kitty cats that lived in a home full of love and happiness. These cats loved to hunt and were curious about everything.

One day, the mom of the cats brought home some halloween decorations. Thinking the cats would behave themselves and not notice said decorations, she hung them on the doors and windows at the entrance to the house.

Oh how wrong she was! The precious angels noticed the window clings right away... especially the ones shaped like black spiders. The girls hunkered down beneath the objects of their hunting prowess and flicked their tails back and forth.

It became a competition to see who could capture these items first. Lily took the first jump and came up a bit too short. Jasmine continued to contemplate and calculate the trajectory she would need to reach her spider.

They practiced their jumps and discussed the situation over and over. They jumped higher and higher and became more and more agitated. Then they began working together.

The owners of the silly cats thought they were smarter than these felines. They thought the clings were high enough that the cats could never reach them, and walked away to watch some television.


Both spiders, somehow, made it off the windows. And now there are two black blotches on the walls were the girls gnawed them to death. We have NO idea how they got them down. We think, possibly, the heat from the afternoon sun made them drop to the floor, but those girls were bound-and-damn-determined to capture those spiders. It would not surprise me to find out they actually stood on one another's back and shimmied up the molding.

Never a dull moment at Pug Manor.

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