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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day 15

Someone or something you couldn't live without.

I'm afraid I have to cheat on this one and give you two things I can't live without.

Books and music

I have been a reader for a loooong time. I can remember walking down to the local convenience store and buying horror books off the rack when I was in 6th grade. (We lived in apartments and the store was right in front of the neighborhood.)

I tell the kids that no matter what book you read, you learn something new. It may be a piece of history, a new word, a description of something, or a new way to turn a phrase... you just never know. Most of my knowledge comes from things I have learned in reading books. Small bits of trivia come up from time to time... I mean authors have to research what they are writing, so they can give you ALOT of information.

Books are my escape. If I need to get away from the thoughts in my head, I pick up a book. If I need some "me" time, a book is what I turn to. Without words on a page I don't know what I would do. There is just something about holding the pages and immersing myself into another world... living through the eyes of someone or something else. Love it.

As for music?

It means more to me than books.

I grew up listening to music more than watching television. We always had a radio on somewhere - the kitchen, the bathroom, my bedroom. I had posters of Elvis hanging on my walls when I was in elementary school. I spent my very first allowance savings on the KISS - Destroyer LP.

There isn't a genre of music I won't listen to. If it makes me tap my toes or move my hips I love it. I have a vast array of vinyl, tapes, and CDs throughout my house. I need to figure out a way to get it all digital so I can put them on my iPod. Through Amazon, there is an LP player that you plug into the computer... which converts those LPs into digital music! Oh Em Gee... want.

Carl laughs at me because I think in lyrics. When it is time to put ice in glasses, I always sing "Ice Ice Baby"... when someone says let's "Break it down..." I immediately say "break it down nuh nuh nuh nuh... stop... Hammer time". And that is just the beginning of it. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't use a lyric or two in a conversation. I even make a lot of my Facebook statuses from songs and/or titles. Drives some crazy...

Music helps me breathe and makes my heart beat. It picks me up, calms me down, and makes the days go by. Without it, I would be lost.

Books and music... music and books. The two things I cannot live without.

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